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Friday, 19 August 2011

Decline And Fall.

Don't Cry For Me, Grande  Bretangne.

For me it all began back in 1997. The "it" being not only my personal loss of one third of my pension, now over a half gone, with today's legacy of "saving the World". The other half of the "beginning of the end" was of  The United Kingdom as it once was. Now my generation has no need of rose tinted spectacles. Times were hard but people cared. Mass immigration was yet to explode on the scene. Debt, personal and national, was manageable and mostly, luxuries were paid for when the staff of life was met.
Already the nightmare we now live in was growing but at a pace less noticeable. The EU was still arranging the chairs, globalisation was also putting seating together and still party planning for the select few. 
The UK had been through the trauma of the ERM, the bastard father of the euro and shown how well a country could survive on its own.

Then the "progressive" Bliar bursts on the scene and modernisation took off. Aided and abetted by a madman, the classic team of maniac and narcissist went to work. First the populace was drugged with debt then softened up for the EU platter. The plan to serve us up to a voracious, selfish elite's appetite was underway. 

Now look where we are. A Cobbleition was the only thing left, after the last General Election but now continues to pick at the carcass left by Labour. Despite promises of a new dawn and a resurrection of the skeleton bequeathed by the previous monster's greedy jaws.
Just stop for one moment and remember what the bones of this Country, now picked clean by the Champagne Socialists are. Enormous debt is the skeleton, rotten flesh the long gone meat of this bequest. Illegal war against Iraq that has left that country rudderless and corrupt, an unstable and bubbling volcano. Then Afghanistan. Just this morning the rebels with a cause, The Taliban, carried out an audacious attack in the very heart of fortress Kabul. 

If this is winning a struggle, as Pseudo Dave tells us, God help us when the losing really kicks in. Ask the Soviet Union veterans about that. Then there is The Boy's war. Presumably He wanted to smack Bliar's new best friend because he thought he could. Well, when or if our Libyan "allies" do take over I doubt their allegiance to The EU and their armed brigade that is NATO, will be as welcome as our NWO front men think.

Finally I would mention our multi-cultural, rainbow nation, together with the economic consequences that have evolved since 1997, if not before. We have millions out of work, little industry. Welfare, education, health care and policing costs totally out of control. Let's not kid ourselves. We will never support this level of demand. Decline is all that can happen when there is not enough  to go round. If we think last week's rioting was a minor outbreak of swine disease, think again. It is more akin to an uncontrollable outbreak of foot and mouth and will not get any better. As for The EU. Just a bigger version of our own dreadful woes and for the same reasons. The disease of socialism. That dogmatic adherence to the belief we are all the same. Sure a cause can be found to unite a people, tribe or even a Continent. Usually such a cause is that of self interest and Nazi style subjugation, of a selected target, for atrocity and bullying.

Once upon a time a plague could be brought under control through isolation and direct, individual treatment, allowing each patient to recover according to their own physiology. Now The medicine has to be doled out and taken, even if unsuitable through age, maturity or the capability of the ministration to work in every circumstance. Meanwhile the manic, blind physicians hold meetings and toy with the lives of hundreds of millions of souls. As they prescribe their medicines en masse, they are blind to the escalation of mortality that has typified decades of their unchanged prescriptions. 

Of course their own isolation from the rabid infections, spreading across their blighted wards, is secure. They have discovered a serum that is so scarce only they can be given it. It's as if that antidote is drawn from the blood of their patients and enables them to gain ever greater privileges, as the death toll rises inexorably. Taxation and enslavement is writ large on their own vats of medicine kept in the cellars of The EU and elsewhere. Want a key? Ask the likes of Bliar, Mandleson, Campbell, Prescott, Kinnock, Rompuy, Merkel, Sarkozy, Pseudo, Huhne, Cleggy et al, for a loan of theirs. You won't get it.


  1. startled_leafletter19 August 2011 at 18:36

    Excellent analysis of the recent (legistlated) destruction of the nation's conscience, morality and common sense!

  2. Hi, SL, thanks for dropping by! See you soon!