Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Blessed Change Today.

How It Still Remains A Wonderful World.

Here in The Marches our village will be staging its annual show. From vegetables through to paintings, hobby crafts through to cookery, cakes, photographs  and preserves, all and sundry will be showing their contribution to traditional, homespun entertainment. A Universe away from looting politicians and a disaffected urban landscape. Competition will outdo PC nonsense. Children will nervously await the results and lifetime advasaries will fight to have the first prize for jam, whilst praising the winner of the lemon curd.
Everywhere will be smiling families and friends, neighbours and gardeners. Blooms will dominate the colours, as roses vie with gladioli and pot plants with cut flowers, for the brightest in a rainbow of colour.
There will be a ubiquitous raffle but with special prizes worth having. No draw liners or velvet hangars,  tomorrow! An auction of donated produce will finish the day. All will go home reflecting on another year gone by in which a small society was bigger than anything a Government can manufacture. Just leave people alone and the magic happens. These days, sadly, all too rarely but it still happens. Have a nice weekend!


  1. What a beautiful and fun time to be had by all. People producing real accomplishments by working with their own hands, and having pride in it!

    Enjoy yourself, OR!

  2. We did, AB, we did! Thank you.