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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Blah, Blah, Blah.

Chatterati In Full, Empty Flow!

Still there is little capability to see the causes which lie behind this terrible week. I suspect the "right dishonourable" Parliamentarians will hug each other tightly today, in their certainty that they are completely blameless. There will be an agreement not to point fingers where they really should be pointed. Pathetic points scoring will be attempted as these failed charlatans act out their theatre of self righteousness. We will continue to be regaled with such as  this article, which, like so many, betrays its efficacy with wild speculation such as  "Then the catalyst incident itself. Whatever his history, shooting a man twice in the face. The face? Twice? Identifying the body in the morgue must have been the most terrifying experience for the family." Note the casual use of "family" to suggest a tightly knit group of loving relatives whose dead son only just missed out on sainthood. A similar piece is here.

As with our political classes so with our chatterati. All quick to claim their interpretation of our "broken society" is the most accurate. The status quo, wherebye the "silent majority" is sidelined and ignored, will quickly return to the dinner party tables and exclusive gatherings of the pompous and so very deluded self perceived elite.
Meanwhile, as the symptoms are endlessly discussed as to the patient's mysterious and unfathomable illness, any sign of a proper diagnosis goes unnoticed. First up is the theft by nefarious means from the public purse. In my own County of Herefordshire a Councillor steps down in order to secure a six figure salary as Chairman of a Limited company set up by that very same Council. She will then be back doing virtually the same work undertaken as a Councillor. I'm sure this is common practice throughout the UK.
Next up are the warmongering justifications. Bliar then Pseudo Dave both have taken us into murdering conflict for reasons we certainly only guess at as oil supply related. Whatever, the former has become very wealthy on the back of his atrocious period in Office, the latter struts his Macbeth like ambition for different reasons but similar narcissism. 
Next factor to rear its ugly head is the Federal States of Europe. Here overcrowding brought about by the deliberate watering down of nationhood, through unbearable levels of mass immigration, is a massive factor behind the jobless, feckless and unmanageable levels of people. All squeezed into ghettos and festering, unwholesome existence. We only have to consider the slums of the world to witness exactly where we are going in Europe.
Into this woeful mix we have stirred seasoning, made up of political correctness, human rights legislation, positive discrimination and an added dose of pathetic education. The latter a creation of that devil in disguise, socialism. Once teachers were respected not least for their sanction to administer corporal punishment for the worst transgressions. Fear of retribution for violent criminal behaviour and possible death gave police forces a protection now stripped away by the academic socialists. People who never see any human being as anything more than a saintly creature who just needs a gentle nudge to behave and also vote for them. The mindless thug, cruel misogynist and gangland sadist are seen as just misguided rather than a product of defective DNA. 
Until we address the basic illnesses of social niceties, which fail to reward the decent and bewail the "unfortunate" nastiness, we have little chance of saving Western Culture or at least improving its lot. Our political system broke society and they nor their beneficiaries are the ones able to put Humpty back together again. The very people who might have once done so are long gone. They used to be known as The Conservatives. Their philosophy was to conserve the best, encourage all but punish severely the criminal. They too, were hijacked, as are and were the Labour Party. The descent into incompetence of both movements mirror our social breakadown and are the disease that now infects us all. Probably fatally.


  1. AE, most kind and thanks for dropping by.

  2. You've a wonderful explanation here too, OR. Smart people, like yourself, Pat Condell, and others, who correctly call out what's going on are a treasure.

    Sadly, I fear it's too late to do anything at this point, and it's all very very depressing. It is a FATAL infection, and there's not a doctor in the house.

  3. Amusing Bunni, we must keep up the good work, if only through our blogs. Your kind word, like those from AE keep the effort alive. Thank you. I've had a go at some medicine today!

  4. Nice post OR well worth the is just a pity so few listen to the voices on the blogosphere...

  5. Nomiedeus, thank you warmly. At least we leave a record of comparison to the msm and the so called elite.