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Wednesday, 10 August 2011


A Speech.

The United Kingdom and Western Capitalist Society is declining. Sticking plaster solutions from tired, corrupt, institutions and governments of all persuasion, are useless in the face of the monster they have created.
It is fashionable to decry the populace for allowing incompetents to rule over them. Yet in so many instances they have been denied the truth. Two major issues in Britain, not withstanding elsewhere, since the freeing of Europe from the sadistic terror of Nazi cruelty and suppression, are the treachery of Edward Heath and the despicable lies, perpetrated by "New" Labour, over 13 years of smooth talking obfuscation. In Heath's tenure he colluded with the nightmare Mandarin classes to hide the real agenda for a Federal European State. During the Labour, modern dictatorship of lying, the massive influx of immigrant populations was discovered to be little more than an EU inspired watering down of national identities, with the added bonus of gerrymandering.
Both these matters were and remain critical for the State we have become and are in. 
Forget the multi-cultural issues for the moment and think just of the infrastructure breakdown. Alongside the "failed experiment" of comprehensive education, Tony Blair's words in parenthesis, were and remain overwhelming pressures. Be they on policing, prison capacity, health, employment issues, housing and economic decline, from the drain on resources already weakened by decades of banking excesses, corporate greed and the birth of grasping career politicians.
To claim the misinformed, disgruntled endemic populations are to blame, is like accusing a child of bad behaviour for falling in a large, neglected, pot hole, in the dark.
Responsibility for the chaotic decline of western Civilisation lies squarely with those in power. Not just politicians but their advisers, media chatterati and their Bureaucrats. These incompetents have milked a system they created, where failure is rewarded with honours, wealth and patronage. Corrupt practices go unpunished, criminal behaviour at best results in a tap on the wrist. Disgrace is temporary before restoration to the top table. David Laws is soon to prove an already substantiated point, as is penalty points Huhne.
Let us therefore reflect on whether there are solutions to this mess. I doubt it. Power has been drained down the sink of manipulation and corporate brain washing. Big brother has a grip via the likes of a state broadcaster as far removed from reality as their paymasters in Government. A smidgeon of anxiety over the present disturbances, until over twice the number of "troops" were deployed around Kensington, was short lived at our State Broadcaster. Quickly they were back on the PR trail. Black people were paraded to show us their cultural value and tell us how these riots have little to do with race or immigrant numbers. Just like in Florida.
If there are any answers to be found I suggest these disaffected, ill educated and disenfranchised, feral young blacks and home grown trailer trash have shown the way. Their mindless vandalism, brutality and ignorant behaviour says to me they are only aping their view of the upper echelons of power and control.
Oil companies raping the planet, corporate vandalism throughout the mining industry, food processing conglomerates rendering animals down to gloup, poured endlessly into the food chain for huge profit. Politicians picking and choosing which despot or drug cartel deserves their support and which do not. Look at The Syrian massacres, Somalia and Zimbabwe, as examples of pick and mix politics. All the time millions starve, as private jets soar above the misery in a display of arrogant nastiness impossible to quantify. An aerial ballet of human superiority, safe in the height at which it sails over those less fortunate.
Yes, these riots are dreadful but make no mistake. They are rooted in the ground elder planted by political manipulators, for whom truth, honour and genuine caring is a joke. Such weed infested tracts of land can only be cleared by substantial physical effort. Intellectual debate can only work when honesty is the guiding chairman. I have not seen, read or listened, to any possible solution to our woes, in media driven debates where the main ingredient has been truthful acceptance of those taking part, of their deep and dreadful culpability. To quote Enoch Powell, "We must be mad".  We were back then and we remain so today. Trapped in a minefield that has started to detonate its explosive legacy. I see no one to lead us out of it. Certainly none of the present crop of World Heads. From Merkel to Obama, Miliband to Cameron. They are just a crowd of poor spectators to a game unraveling before their failed philosophies. This rioting proves my arguments. 


  1. London the capital of theft, the bankers and the financial services together with polticans have led the way by example.

  2. We are in desperate need of change. Could be it's happening, Jacobite.

  3. You start off convincingly but I don't think you have proved anything. Firstly you need to learn where to use 'there' and 'their' when talking about the 'ill-educated'. And what are these rioters - 'misinformed and disgruntled people' or 'feral blacks and home-grown trailer trash'?

  4. Mrs Dolittle, "their" as a collective possessive, there as a locative or as "there are", "there is", is not often mistaken by OR. You might note the possessive used correctly a sentence on. If you peruse years of this blog, you will find this error rarely made. Tiredness, frustration, unhappiness at the mess we're in, all conspire to produce the odd mistake.
    "What are these rioters" you ask. "To claim the misinformed, disgruntled endemic populations" is not referring to the "feral blacks and home grown trailer trash". Quite the opposite and I would have thought that obvious. You say you don't think I have proved anything. Well, I have, to my satisfaction, proven the abject failure of our political classes and supportive comments in agreement are fairly regular.
    I suggest that a degree of politeness might enhance your learning.

  5. Thank you for the grammar lesson. I am so very sorry I was not polite enough for you. Obviously I was not learnt proper, innit. I know you can only accept supportive comments but sometimes you need to consider your own place in society. It is very easy to sit smugly in judgement while enjoying a pleasant life in your lovely house and garden.

  6. It was not meant a s a lesson. I am not sitting smugly. I earnt the life I enjoy but which is constantly threatened, by those in power and influence, to take away or destroy. One day's work here at my place is hours more than many who prescribe to know better than I, ever bother to do.
    "I know you can only accept supportive comments", this blog is not restricted for comment in any way. I welcome the opportunity to discuss and debate at any time. If I were not, your contribution would be done for.
    All I ask is that argument is supported with honesty and respect for the fact it is my blog.
    It also happens to be a place the left seem fearful of appearing!