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Sunday, 14 August 2011

After A Black President.

Maybe A Woman.

"US Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has won a key pre-election campaign poll in the state of Iowa.", reported here.
What a goldmine here for the misogynistic, left, hug any socialist.  brigade. I'm not sure how the Democrats, (there's a misnomer if ever there was one) in The USA will foam at the mouth but in The UK, they'll be submerged in froth. The BBC bunch will love an opportunity to vilify, dish the dirt and come on all superior in their  mean, nasty, feminist, Harman like bitchiness. How delicious for the chatterati to slam ultra-right, "clothes horse" candidates. A plethora of cliche will be the norm. The clothes, speech, everything will be viciously torn to shreds in an orgy of scorn. Lies, manufactured stories and subliminal hatred, disguised as political commentary, will stalk these women, at least this side of the pond. So how utterly wonderful if one gets the nomination and wins! With words like these turned into action, you just could see the best thing for democracy in modern history. Of course, that presupposes an ability to translate words into action. Never been done yet! Ask Obamination. Amusing Bunni's  term, not mine but very true!  
Speaking of words into action, here's a quote from Sarah Palin which has resonance in todays stitched up world, also from Iowa. Seemed a joyful gathering, again!
“And I wouldn’t be out there looking for hires out of that political bubble that seemed to result in the same old ideas, the same old talking points, the things that Americans get so sick and tired of hearing and kind of suffering through. We want new energy, we want conviction and passion and candidness.”
Now that would be pretty nice over here.

Vote for change!

Two sassy, down to earth and practical women. As for their intellectual prowess, look where clever dicks have brought us all, these past sixty years. 

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