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Saturday, 9 July 2011

You've No Idea!

Murdoch Comes To Conquer, No More No Less.

I do seriously prescribe to conspiracy theories. Many events carry a "Privy Council" history where information and knowledge is deemed to sensitive for public consumption.Security must prevail and secrecy used to hold tightly the reins of power. Power is found in all directions. Money mainly but influence, knowledge and intimacy are other players on the world stage. The adage knowledge is power is significant. Thus we come to the hacking saga.
Let us be clear. It's all about tussling for money which in turn leads to power and control. There is no way the likes of Rupe, with his wizened and debauched old age and looks would ever garner a bride, such as the present Mrs Rupe, without the clout and aphrodisiac of secret knowledge shared on a pillow.
If we look deeper we can realise that with the police, spooks and others bought and paid for by whatever means, News International is a massive player. Not just the newspaper and media influence on public opinion, that's is the knowledge his wealth has bought and garnered that makes him powerful, courted and extremely dangerous to many in the ruling elite.
It was seriously discussed that Bliar was "controlled" by Bush through the dark secrets surrounding Dunblane. A massive rumour about Snotty was his frequent "escort" back to Number 11 and 10 after very unpleasant roaming of the less than salubrious areas of London. Many such hidden and evil goings on will have been harvested by various agencies and others. Financial dealings such as the ECB drug money laundering in 2007/8 for example. Insider trading and the speed politicians become extraordinarily wealthy, almost overnight,  are tips of an iceberg of which the foundations melt in the very depths of hades. Depravity, people trafficking and the constant supply of kids to assuage the appetites of the rich and powerful never see the light of day. Organised crime flourishes on the back of the murky world of expensively obtained knowledge.
So back to this very weekend. Observe the fear in Harridan Harman's face, the softly, softly Jedward Ed's attacks on Pseudo Dave and the trepidation that the submerged evil of our ruling elite is threatened. Ginger Wade said to her sacked troops there is more to come and worse.
Well,fret not, fragrant poison ivy Gingernut, our Rupe is here this weekend to put some stick about amongst our dubious elite. He will be chatting to judges, senior police and politicians. He will quietly produce irrefutable evidence of horrors we can but imagine. His methods of obtaining such information will pale into insignificance when the arrogant and deluded great and not so good realise that he has them painfully by the balls. The cosy agreements hitherto will be up for re-negotiation and Rupe will be The Chairman with a casting vote. Now what if he decides to publish and be damned? That really would change our lives. Might even be for the better as the NWO is blown out of the water by a media mogul's nuclear weapon! There I go again, dreaming on a sunny weekend!

You have to admire him, you know.

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  1. By god you write some thought provoking stuff , Sir.

    Keep it up.

    It's subscribe to not prescribe to by the way.