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Friday, 22 July 2011

Their Lips Move.

That Old Joke.

"How do you know when they are lying" applies to our morally corrupt establishment and dead democracy. I found the Murdochs compelling and, as powerful, wealthy people defending their operations, in front of a smug, gormless bunch of politicos, is it little surprise they were fighting for survival? In this 2011 world power is stitched together with subterfuge, cunning and when necessary outright lying.
Now were this behaviour making the whole world and humanity's existence better and more content would it be so terrible? Well, history, modern in particular, has shown that something is very Hamlet. Whilst the feckless Greeks and European Federal States clamour to ape and match the disastrous debt liabilities of their transatlantic cousins, Africa remains a desert of that behaviour, dry and as barren as the morality of the West. I would argue that Africa's starvation and woes are directly a consequence of the decadence and lies of The West. Throw China's ambitions for the blighted Continent into the mix and the centuries old squabbles over the resources at any cost, belonging to the African peoples, just lurches from one crisis to the next.
Closer to home a big, fat fib was pronounced by The Chancellor of The Exchequer this very morning. Hailing the latest pass the parcel of colossal debt summit of self interest he says, "The first thing British taxpayers should know is that we have delivered on our promise to keep the UK out of the Greek bailout." 

Now since the average Joe will not have clocked this disgusting betrayal by our talking heads, that blatant lie this morning goes unchallenged. When the cosy platitudes have been mouthed and the small print examined, this whole love in will turn into another massive round of finger pointing. All they have done is hide a default by extending credit and waiving the true interest on this debt mountain. Come a heavy monsoon the mountain will be washed away. Those downpours will be fuelled by the storm clouds building over personal debt and austerity. As food costs and "green" energy, forced on us to combat non-existent climate change, get ever harder to pay for the mud will slide down this mountain in tonnes. I personally need to be wrong. The best I can hope for is this coming tsunami waits a couple of decades. Not too chipper for those in their mid-forties and younger, though. Still, if they choose to continue with their Ostrich approach to it all what more can bloggers and lone voices hope for? 



  1. Sad days for us all, OR - to see the things we've tried to warn about coming together like this. More conflict within the EU seems inevitable now. As for Osborne, as I've said, politicians MUST get their heads around the fact that saying something doesn't make it true. If it did half of our population would be turning round three times and intoning, "We are not a part of the EU, we are not ... ..."

  2. GV, I'm moving to a position of selfishness but fighting hard to resist.