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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Spare Us!

The Hand Wringing.

Jon (teetotal piss head) Sopel in Norway with an army of salivating, leftie, Beeboid, all expenses paid, public rubber-neckers. Their erstwhile pals back in London, flocking to worship the still warm remains of a tragic but ultimately self-inflicted "heroine" of all that is so black about out EU State. 
Socialism in all its glorious failure.
In no way on this planet can I condone the terrible violence in Norway or gainsay the miserable life and death of a young and talented woman. The nutter in Norway is already being paraded as a symbol of right wing Devil worship. The EDL had a nodding interest for the guy.
Watch how the lying and power brokering at the top will Pontious their hands of any responsibility. Watch the mass immigration issues all over Europe erupt and spill over for centuries to come. As flawed and terrible as the UK ethnic cleansing efforts in Ireland were, lessons were and never are learned.
What anger and despair there is at the likes of Cameron's abject failure to protect us against EU integration and the wholesale disregard of treaties and promises. The Greek mass rioting, the ferment in The Middle East are all seen as "localised". 
This dreadful massacre echoes the mind of this character. Indeed it reflects the frustration of all those who resent the total failure of left wing ideology from The Nazis to The EU. No greater or pathetic instrument has ever been used to control and destroy Nations than that of mass immigration. It has failed the immigrants themselves and destroyed more cultures and culture than ever it could succeed. Anyone not of this mind is not a history scholar, that's for sure. RIP the inherent decency, now trodden under, of humanity.


  1. You’re right OR.

    Any complaint against or resistance to ‘the project’ will now be met with a well-rehearsed cry of “this will encourage more incidents such as that in Norway”

    If we hate what’s being done to us, but can’t protest, what is left?

    This sneering political class have won; we can only retire into a kind of political misanthropy.

    I’m at a loss.

  2. BJ, remember Churchill's words,"We shall never surrender"?