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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Some Covenant.

There Must be A Master Plan.

Despite the rhetoric the debt mountain and burden gets ever larger. 
The total public sector net debt at the end of May 2011 was £920.9bn (60.6 % of GDP)
• This compares to £778.9 bn (53.8% of GDP) at the end of May 2010. Source.
All this talk of cuts is rubbish. Our Government is mired in a debt/interest loop with little idea how to get out of it other than paring important expenditure, whilst still throwing good money after bad. The bloated, Union empire that is the labour gerrymandered civil service of "outreach" workers is indeed out of reach or untouchable.
In the middle of all this is the despicable talk of "defense" cuts whilst allowing two wars to rage unwinnable, unaffordably and stupidly on. Some "covenant" that allows death to stalk the battlefield and redundancy the home front. I can only assume that it is all some master plan. We swell our liabilities and debt via a central distribution point, squandering what little wealth we have left. If we look at the manner in which indebted nations are subsumed into the Federal ideology, there assets seized by European investors and central bankers, we do begin to observe a pattern. Tax payers are forced into paying for their own enslavement. Not dissimilar to prisoners forced to dig their own graves.
How might this "master plan" work with the military? Well, despite our massive debt we still wage war and budget for a nuclear Trident fleet. Add conflict costs, EU club membership and Trident together and you have the largest debt commitment imaginable. We could be free in one imaginative bound. Yet, no, we carry on down this path to oblivion.
An abyss easily driven into when our defences are run down to nothing. Let's get real here. A part time dad's Army is no match for  a multi-state, Federal Army in the image of The French Foreign Legion. What use is a Trident nuclear sub in a civil war? Nope, Trident will be our contribution to the EU deterrent force. Our military, who might well find it difficult to mow down rioting, disenfranchised uprisings, will be so watered down as to be little more than pomp and circumstance. They will be trotted out to massage the EU state visitors, not unlike the effete Vatican guard has become a relic of past might.
Behind the scenes the Afghan venture will be run down, claimed, as with Iraq, to be a great victory, whilst mirroring the financial and social mess bequeathed to the old USSR. Ironic that their defeat brought into being Nationhood whilst ours will destroy those ideals of freedom and independence. Let's be clear. All this two faced hypocrisy mouthed by Cameron's puppets such as Fox are little more than Macbeth style strutting. As we head for the EU gas chambers of suffocating subservience, our masters smug, knowing pleasure will grow ever more repugnant in its tragic success. Our defences, already decimated, will be zilch ere long. 
There must be a master plan, surely? Nobody with a brain cell could get us into this mess unknowingly, could they? However, if it is a master plan it's pretty awful and if not, that is even worse! It's no coincidence that The Murdoch Empire is being savaged. It's anti EU Federalism, whilst the Yanks are very pro!

Our latest, expensive contribution to The EUSSR Nuclear Arsenal?


  1. I've had similar thoughts, OR. If you look at all the plans on the defence table it's possible to conceive that in a few years the only standing Army will be the EU's - all other member states will contribute reservists.

    There is a plan that we're not privy to. Take this morning's news about plans for the European Coastguards patrolling our waters. Coincidence that it comes shortly after our govt announces the closure of UK coastguard bases? I think not.

  2. If only our Britishness hadn't been so diluted by NuLabor's unchecked immigration/vote grabbing scheme we might have seen a more spirited response from the public when the MPs expenses scandal broke.
    Letting our politicians off the hook on that has emboldened the crooks all over the EU.
    If the federalists across the English Channel had seen a few scalpings here it might have caused them to pause.
    Whilst this side of the White Cliffs we might have ended up with some politicians with backbone.
    The MPs expenses was our event horizon, civil war is the only thing that will stop us being dragged into the EU black hole now.
    Pitch forks anyone?

  3. You have it right here OR.

    It always amuses me when I see a large portion of our football supporters, swaggering down the road, draped in a Union Jacks - they haven't any idea that they are no longer in control of their lives.

  4. "Our military, who might well find it difficult to mow down rioting, disenfranchised uprisings, will be so watered down as to be little more than pomp and circumstance."

    Maybe sections of our military will become so angry that they form an OAS-style group like the French military in the early 1960s.

  5. I didn't use to believe in conspiracy theories, but that has changed of late. I was having a look through the Green Agenda website last night, and followed some of the links therein. The actual UN Agenda 21 is scary - even if you only dip into a few parts, it explains much of what's going on these days. Section 4 - "Means of implementation" has a very Soviet era ring to it...

  6. Oldrightie had a very unusual 05.30 start this morning. Church followed by an excellent luncheon from which I've just returned. I am humbled and most grateful for the comments and interest. The Times alerts us to a mega EU Military HQ, GV. Bill, excellent observations, BJ, indeed a level of nationalist pride no longer welcome to our EU masters. Michael, this might well happen. Count me in. Microdave, not so micro in my book. Thank you for the links. I'm something of a conspiracy junkie and little has evolved to sway my leanings.