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Friday, 29 July 2011

Rings Run Round.

A Disastrous War.

"Libyan rebel commander Abdel Fattah Younes killed." reported here. I mention this as a prelude to my post just to highlight the abject poverty of our NATO/EU Command. As with economics and budgetary incompetence comes the stark paucity of any military cohesion or understanding of the enemy.
As The Taliban slowly inch their way to another historic repelling of yet another tardy, shabby invasion dressed up in anything but financial imperialism, so Gaddafi's aides and intelligence take out an erstwhile replacement and NATO/EU mercenary. Arabian politics is never simple and always every bit as smart, if not smarter than outsiders. The Russians are brighter than Western mongrel forces, too.
My argument today is this. As we pour ever greater sums of massive debt down the pits of pointless stupidity around the Globe, our leaders get ever more naked, exposed and blatantly useless in every direction they stumble. Their Mr Bean meets Monty Python behaviour could be funny if it were not for the nightmares imposed and greater ones yet to come. Why, as we fail to kill fewer enemy than friends everywhere, from Kosovo to Ireland, Afghanistan through Somalia, do these buffoons cling to their luxurious life styles funded on the horror of war and death?
 Only the other day we were treated to Sarkozy's A330 wide body penis substitute, named after possibly the most successful whore in centuries. "Let them eat cake" ring any bells? Quoting from this, the phrase, "it did acquire great symbolic importance in subsequent histories when pro-revolutionary historians sought to demonstrate the obliviousness and selfishness of the French upper-classes at that time." 
So, as our Western leaders cling stubbornly to self delusion and denial as to their impotence, the rest of us are dragged along by whatever means deemed necessary to corral our inconvenient criticism and centralise our enslavement. The pathetic belief that they somehow know best and have little to fear that they are or even just might be totally inept and dangerous to the planet escapes the pillocks. Global warming and King Canute climate control piles on the agony for the masses likely to freeze to death in as many quietly kept secret hordes  from last winter.
Still, if wars can be fought on carbon neutral fronts, no problem, eh? As for the macabre spectre of countless innocents and soldiers united in the excruciating agony of pointless sacrifice, injury and death, as long as the powerful brain dead leaders can enjoy luxury beyond imagination, banquets and gatherings, surrounded by armies of security and sycophants, no problem. They sleep at nights, presumably? Their paedophile colleagues get the pick of the world's children, IMF heads their salacious open marriages, the bureaucrats king maker gold plated pensions. The list of debauchery, paid with our compliance and hard earned wages, knows no bounds. Any complaint is either suppressed on the streets or brought into the tent of privilege. Trade Union bosses and International  Mafia cartels amongst the latter. As are the media Barons and Guardinistas. We looked at that yesterday.
Will we ever see this ghastly elite brought down? We will, we really will. Unfortunately they will take a lot of us with them before they are defeated. Breivic mad? No, just impatient and violent, rather than patient and careful. There will be many more before this lot are forced out. Probably with a pan European uprising, in years to come, as the federal, Orwellian excess hits home.