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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pots And Kettles Raining Down.

Let's Look At A Few Bits And Pieces.

Not a cigarette paper between them.

Isn't it frustrating? The two on the left are locked in a pact with the Devil of modern life. Drenched in narcissistic and venal lust for power at whatever cost. The other two..........................
Those are just a handful of the blackened and corrupt shits the last 20 years have thrown up. If rain is the tears of angels, modern politics is the vomit of Satan.
With the Middle East in turmoil, famine ever present in Africa and two wars on the go, not to mention financial melt down, this lot of ghastly, multi-coloured coughing, regurgitates its own vanity and nastiness ad infinitum.
That atrocious mad man, Snotty shuffles an attempted strut to immediately be caught out lying. Then guess who blogged this little phrase?  "A couple of weeks ago I spoke at the Local Government Awards hosted by the Municipal Journal. The event was well-organised, very enjoyable, and the hosts kind enough to say that my speech had been the best they had had." A clue is that he's a dab hand at arranging people's suicides on behalf of his old chum, Phony.
Then cast your minds back a few years to this,  He said: "I accepted the kind invitation to enter the House of Lords as a working peer for practical political reasons. " He was/is a notorious EU windbag. An almost  identical phrase was recently  used by Lardy Prezza. Note also their sudden loss of passion for cleaning pots for House of Lords reform. As these slobs hang suspended as pots and kettles from the ceilings of power I just hope somehow, somewhere, something will crop up unexpectedly to allow us to be done with all this tainted collection. 
How nice if we could hang clean, sparkling, untarnished utensils in the kitchen. Seems that we can't afford any, though. That or the great unwashed don't give a damn! Of course, one group of individuals have a big fat pot to wash them all in. They might just have got down some soda! This snippet from Max Hastings, "An intelligence official told me recently how shocked he was by systemic and malicious police leaks about an important case in which the Secret Intelligence Service was involved." From  this better written piece but similar to OR's meagre post, yesterday.  Spooks save mankind?  You all know I love to dream!


  1. And when we finally get those new pots and kettles, OR, we should take the old ones out in public and hang them properly, not only to see justice done but as a warning to the new ones of what will happen to them should they ever attempt the same treason as their predecessors.

  2. Clean them with acid before re-hanging, Spidey.

  3. Now you're talking, OR, and finish them off with a good sandblasting! ;-)

  4. Can you hear that lovely sound?
    Yes?- so can I.
    It is a Fat lady singing.