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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Part Of The Problem.

Ergo Incapable Of A Solution.

An IMF commonplace taxi

I loved this double entendre, "She told reporters she is picking up the baton from Strauss-Kahn to deal with the problems and reforms that began under him." , from this RT report.
On a more serious level the reported salary for this lady, yesterday, is $468,000 plus $84K expenses. So whilst in charge of austerity and theft of happiness from countries around the world, these people garner vast riches from their greasy pole climbing skills. That first figure is net of tax. So her tax is paid with our taxes. It is part of the elite's utter immorality and shameful theft. An elite governed by a cabal of crooked bankers, money launderers and corrupt politicians. Their sole aim in life is to protect their inner circle with greedy and grubby practices the front for which is The IMF itself. Only this week our rump of a Parliament nodded through a doubling of our £9 billion quid or so to circa £18 billion. Remember, much of this cash swills around the banking, political and drug cartel inner circles, with a slice taken or laundered well before it is used to buy out the assets, at knock down prices, of poorer nations.
Until these secretive and scandalous regimes, well served by those who claim to serve us, are damaged badly or even traduced, our human existence will remain mired in unfair, immoral and rotten decay. Is there an answer? I sadly don't think there is. Such is the grip on our lives via a media onside majority, the sheeples remain ignorant of what is done to control them. This "hacking" frenzy right now pales into banality when compared with the practices of official spy masters and the hypocrisy of Governments, who, as I type, are busy trawling conversations, blogs and records to spot any seemingly potential rebellion. Faux dismay by the likes of Adenoid Ed is a perfect backdrop to what is so awful about Western culture in 2011.


  1. Tell Mrs OR her work has paid off please OR.

    Back to the topic. Of course it was no coincidence that the case against Strauss-Kahn was reported to be unravelling the day after Madame's appointment was announced.

  2. I despair, I really do.