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Monday, 11 July 2011

On A Beautiful Summer's Morning

Horror Awaits.

How dreadful are political operatives and their faceless Civil Servant mandarins. As the sun beams down on a glorious morning, many hundreds of thousands of elderly are bombarded with "care home" scandals and commercial nastiness. Energy bills, already unaffordable for so many, are greedily trumpeted with exorbitant and unnecessary massive hikes. I thought Labour were the masters of stealth taxation, bah!. Just amateurs compared to this Cobbleition of nastiness.
Chief among the smug fest that passes for Government in The UK, totally at one with arse licking their EU bosses, is Huhne. Regardless of scientific honesty with regard to carbon emissions and the new mini-ice age, tasted last Winter, this investor supreme in alternative energy business is following Al Gore down an alternative path to riches. The swathes of elderly and in many cases, poverty stricken children and babies, are all "collateral damage" in their quest for personal power and supremacy.
Whilst The EU condemn us all to slavery, dictated by "energy", the real world embraces growth alongside common sense. China, Russia, Brazil, India all operate in the certain knowledge that oil and fossil fuels will be with us for decades to come. They will be overtaken by new science and evolve as necessary to fill the still far off dwindling of easy fuel through fossil energy release.
Meanwhile our lot are navel gazing over journalistic efforts to use any means possible to catch the crooked law makers and breakers in their acts. Of course the idiotic morons that tapped into a young murder victims phone were stupid and deserve our disgust. However as the shadowy state pours billions into spying on the rest of us, cover up police and political corruption and press on with our enslavement, the fear of the elderly unable to enjoy this lovely day, for its contrast to their survival one more winter, is ignored.
Bomb Gaddafi into submission to steal his oil, persuade Murdoch to stay on Pseudo's side and not reveal his lack of fitness for high office. Allow Huhne to bribe his way out of a jail sentence. Tear up every manifesto promise and retain only those which were weird anyway, like overseas aid at the expense of our own populace.For example let the UK's long suffering elderly die, their care homes be run by hedge fund assassins and asset strippers and make sure any military might be reduced to a subservient arm of Europe.
As the phone hacking issue continues to churn out tons of navel fluff, the agony of the rest of our Country deepens. Where's a Cromwell when you need him or her.


  1. How many deaths will Huhne be responsible for when pensioners can't afford the rises in their energy bills?

  2. You have spelled it out in true clarity OR, these people who rule us are indeed beneath contempt.

  3. Perhaps a note to Mr. Huhne asking if he realises that now the planet is cooling, the increase in energy bills will trigger a rise in "climate death" through people not being able to meet the ever increasing energy prices.
    If he answers he will be on record and can be held to account at a later date.

  4. I am most grateful for the supportive comments. We must keep these debates and failure of the elite constantly alive. Even if in the quiet backwaters of humble blogging it's better than the sheeple compliance and acceptance we endure daily.