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Wednesday, 27 July 2011


As Ever.

"Norwegian domestic intelligence chief Janne Kristiansen has told the  bbc. "no evidence has so far been found linking Anders Behring Breivik with far-right extremists in Norway or elsewhere." With one quiet statement the hysteria, Paxman uninformed grilling and the smearing of all things (C)onservative is forgotten. Note also the alarmist engendered, media's use of that old potato, the politics of fear.
 From the economy to war, food we eat, booze we drink and fags people smoke, all are paraded daily, 24/7 for us to fret, worry or have nightmares about. This commercial and/or political manipulation use of terror tactics, for this is what they are, is a disgrace that drives people to despair, drugs or even a fixation and obsession to fight back. Ring any bells?
This takes me onto another despicable use of language and bias. I have never heard the media or politicians ever refer to Islamic terrorists as mad. Suicide bombers, UK bred Londistan attackers, or Twin Towers amateur pilots, not one. 
As soon as it is a fundamentalist Aryan piece of insanity, so the most derogatory, racist vilifications pour forth. "He has significant links with UK extremists" goes up the cry. The rise of far right German movements goes unchallenged, naturally. Mustn't mention the war, eh?  Discussed here without the UK hysteria. and here with relative intelligence.
My conclusions? The UK is ill served by a media enslaved by the BBC agenda. The attempted destruction of the right leaning Murdoch Empire, (Bliar was seen as more right than Snotty, for example) is without doubt a conspiracy to further entrench the propaganda arm that is The BBC. Funded by European interests and headed by a fat cat ex EU Commissioner. Nobody has mentioned that, have they Lord (for God's sake) Fatso Patten?
I suspect The UK's antipathy to all things federal is why we are the subject of so many billions of our own membership fees diverted to brainwashing us all. Plus Norway is a very small, rich pearl in the EU plans so nowhere near the threat to their multi-cultural swathe of a United States lookalike.


  1. Well said Sir.
    Threats and terror are all around us - would this be the case without a Government to cause it or in their eyes, protect us?

  2. Anon, were we to have a genuine democracy the answer would be a safer world.

  3. Blogs need to become more dominant to fight the influence of the BBC. However, I have no idea how this will happen.

  4. Michael, you are right. However from little acorns................