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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Mladić, NATO and EU Propaganda.

Some Connections, Here.

When billions, via their mates, of course, are spent promoting The EU circus it must be considered as to what passes for truth and what is pure, unadulterated drivel. Where PR is concerned I lean always in favour of the latter.
Mladić was considered a hero and still is by many in Serbia. However we have this quote, This is not only about joining the EU, but also about the admission to NATO, no matter how strange this seems after the bombings in 1999. Almost all the neighbours are already members of NATO, and the country simply does not have any other ways. Mladic is incompatible with this path," said Ulunyan." and the article shows starkly the reality of this arrest and the placing in the public domain of little doubt he is guilty. Hardly fair but this is The EU's way.
Not only is it The EU's way but NATO's as well. The deal struck secretly behind closed doors is that NATO is to be the vehicle through which an EU combined force will be created. America will quietly back away, after financial matters have been agreed. Russia will be drawn into the fold eventually, (far fetched?)  A back up force not bothered if it's used to quell Western revolt. Not least since Turkey's accession looks wobbly at the moment.  Serbia needed to be on board, so off we went to get  Mladić, despite millions having been offered for his capture before this time.
In the meantime Pseudo Dave trots along in his Snotty like delusion that he matters. His gung ho Libyan credentials made him feel special, despite it's blatant contrast with the lack of any clout to help the Syrian martyrs who are dying just as permanently, Dave, as any Libyans.
Now in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya, NATO is creating that delightful euphemism, "collateral damage". Now it could be argued that Mladić's involvement in the Bosnian conflict was party to similar behaviour. However he is dragged before a dubious "international" court to answer for events shrouded in mystery and horror. Not unlike those in Iraq and elsewhere. The sickening hypocrisy in which the West and The EU and NATO take the bloodied moral high ground appals me. In every conflict atrocity seems inevitable. However, as ever, it seems "to the victor the spoils" includes self-righteous but corrupt distribution of morality. Look long and hard at the mess our world is in and ask yourself if your elected representatives are any good. I think the answer is pretty obvious, don't you. There again The EU heads and our own Sir Humphreys aren't elected, so that's another bit of immorality quietly taken as read!


  1. The question in my mind is who do we bomb next? The Greek rioters?

  2. Hi, Demetrius. Fascinating question. It won't be Iran or North Korea so you could say they prove the nuclear deterrent! However when Alki Aida, to quote Snotty, lobs one somewhere, we might grow some cojones. Too late, of course.