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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Media Meltdown.

Is Not In OUR Interest.

I've never been a fan of modern newspapers and certainly not a Sun or NoW reader. The Times also has never been a favourite. The Telegraph lost its way years ago. As for The Sunday Times, a mix of "woe is the World, except for our billionaire readers."  
However, they have always been a brake on the murky, nasty world of politics. At least until they got into bed with them. Take this quote from here. "Americans remain largely ignorant of the connection between the economy and the cost of war, and Swanson says that is because you never hear about it on the radio or on the TV, “You don’t have any professional institution, you don’t have any communications system to talk against the war machine,” says Swanson. “You just have the peace movement.”  So why aren't people buying what the pacifists have to say?  “Nobody funds it.”

It is ironic that the once hated and feared USSR is now the home of a much more informative and readable news outlet
They discuss and report such matters as  the USA debt crisis; an ex CIA officer being considered a war criminal; four people have been killed in a blast which rocked a Kandahar mosque, Associated Press quotes the Afghan government as saying on Thursday. So much going on that rarely makes The UK media and Government BBC machine. 
The list of factual as well as reasonably argued debate is long. Whether, once securing a big audience, this will change I've no idea but it puts Western media to shame.
All this faux and hypocritical anger reflects every bit as badly on our elite and political masters, as it does the media. Manipulation, cosy invites to Chequers and "deals" for support are as much an unacceptable behaviour as that practised by the hacks themselves. They're called hacks for a reason. If we trawl the guest lists for Chequers over the last 20 years the most commonly represented "guests" will be our media pals. Note there are never ever any references in the media as to these luxury weekends. Are you listening, Mr and Mrs Snotty. It seems that our masters feel able to do without them now. The EU spends billions on propaganda and their begging bowl overflows with our borrowed hardships. Our own minor crowd have PR departments larger than most remaining medium sized UK enterprises. All of this machinery of control is now in situ. This attack on News International and Murdoch is a pantomime of strutting arrogance and "We can do without you now" nose thumbing. Note my news snippet carefully. This smug new MP states unequivocally "We have power over our citizens". Chilling from a mouth so young and attractive yet so nasty behind the mask. 
We will live to regret the Murdochs' loss of power, for whatever reason it was held. When our elite no longer fear exposure in the press they no longer fear us. That's wrong, as we become enslaved milch cows to a dictatorship of taxation, based on a whim of carbon arrogance, as depicted by Prat Huhne. Hoon, indeed.


  1. I wonder how long it will take them to ban RT news as not being in the public interest.

  2. I hope Murdoch disappears for a while, the politicians slag him off, then he comes back and slaughters them. That would be funny. He strikes me as the sort of man who holds a grudge.

  3. Jacobite, perhaps Murdoch will acquire RT! Michael, I suspect this is already under way. Some insight into those cosy Chequers gatherings, for starters!

  4. Lets just hope Mr Murdoch has the cojones to take them all down. But methinks he has more to lose than gain by doing former.