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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Joining The Economic Dots.......

Finding The Same Old System.

"Henry Paulson, the ex-Treasury secretary, was the architect of the financial bailout during the Bush Administration. He is the ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs, he bailed out Goldman Sachs with $10B while letting their main competitor, Lehman Brothers, go down. Wall Street is the largest contributor to the Obama campaign with Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, UBS, and Morgan Stanley as the top donors. They are the largest beneficiaries of the bailout money." 
I urge you to read that passage once more. Very slowly. Then determine why we are no further forward as the growth figures show a zero or recessionary trend, today, in the UK. The quote is from this very qualified individual.  Essential reading to understand the mess we are in.
So little has changed in the UK. As in America and most of Europe, the same thinking and mindset is cast in stone. The Cobbleition is no more than a bunch of new faces playing the same old song on the same out of tune instruments of an incompetent orchestra of self interest. A philharmonic, out of tune cacophony, of power and greed.
Note in the article the identifiable culprits. We expect to see many of them in this roll of dishonour but to a certain extent the media comes as a surprise.
Yet it comes in for a bashing on its failure to keep us informed of the paucity of competence of the elite and their utter shamelessness. Thus we stumble on into an ever deepening crisis. As pointed out the same old cliques and their proven dysfunctional operations drag us ever closer to personal economic meltdown. In the middle of all this we wage wars that have, more than any other single factor, cost us money we can't afford. The UK clings to its Trident replacement to appease The EU Federalists' global ambitions, The USA believe they are still a super power, whilst credit agencies look askance at their debt and weakness there from. The multi-national players, Nat Rothschild a perfect example, meanwhile, seek out future safe havens for their largesse. Monte Negro designed to be a new Monte Carlo, as The EU tentacles encircle that principality and those deposits flee from that malignant grasp. 
Pseudo "call me" Dave preached endlessly about the need for change. He was spot on but part of the change required was not in his gift. "Let them eat cake" remains the mantra of arrogance that got us into this chaotic place. None of the guilty players are fit or qualified to get us out. There will be trouble ahead in the years unfolding until the whole crop of failed imbeciles are gone and their Federal, Global ambitions swept away. I relish a world where the new order comes from China, Russia and possibly India. They couldn't make a worse job for sure.


  1. Sorry OR, enough of the new world order: we just need to get rid of present world order which is an unholy alliance of the banks and the bureaucrats. Politicians make hardly any difference because they can't. The massive weight of the bureaucratic machine has become too great for pols to shift without gigantic effort 24/7, and few of our MPs are in it for that kind of effort as far as I can see. All those pre-election promises are blocked by 'civil servants' who look after their own interests first.

    The insanity of the EU is that it created a new and unasked for elite in the shape of the EU Commission and allowed it to become the sole initiator of legislation. Just like the Politburo in the USSR - and the rubber stamp EU Parliament signs off these laws just like the old Supreme Soviet. Of course if you pay thousands of bureaucrats to think up legislation that's exactly what they do all the time. Now the citizens of the EU are drowning under a tidal wave of laws and directives that nobody ever asked for, and paying heavily for the privilege of having unelected parasites dictating to them.

    There's a glimmer of hope though. All over the EU the tax earners are beginning to see that the tax eaters are ruining us and they don't like it. Osborne should be taking an axe - or a chainsaw - to stifling red tape and stupid regulation, starting with the 3,000+ new laws foisted upon us by Labour. On day one he should have told the entire civil service plus the BBC and all the parasite quangos to cut their expenditure by 10% or 20%. Just do it or resign. Having no experience of business - or indeed anything at all - before taking charge of our national budget, naturally he would be too scared to do any such thing. Thatcher might have done it but then she was a real man.

    When the tax eaters outnumber the tax earners watch out, there will be revolt. The Greeks are nearly there. It will take the British a lot longer but they will wake from their dozy complacency in the end. It's just a case of how far down the pound goes and how deep a pit of poverty and despair we have to fall into before they eventually turn against this class of weak, shallow, useless, waffling politicians who have betrayed us so shamelessly.

  2. opinion prole said..A welcome comment and better put than my post. I suggest we are very close in attitude.