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Thursday, 28 July 2011

It's The Economy, Stupid.

So It Lumbers Remorselessly On.

Let's not kid ourselves. Note this quote  "Yet, despite the widely available economic facts and the ample evidence of faulty forecasts and failed government policies, the mainstream media continues to sell the public the big lie. By providing cover for the politicians and financiers, the Presstitutes of the world – with their stable of “well respected” pundits – are accomplices in promoting the egregiously transparent cover-up as a “recovery.”,  an excellent read and not too taxing at all. 
It's taken from a rare media outlet that functions as news opinion should. It also highlights a major failing in The West. We see all around us Government in The USA and in Europe, under the appalling grip of EU Federalists, totally out of their depths. They are floundering in their ignorance that the old system is collapsing and old ways, ideology and incompetent ignorance just doesn't cut it any more.
Bloggers know it and there readers know it or else blogging would not be the global success it is. Yet the masses for whom understanding is gleaned from couch potato slothfulness and a diet of clever, though abysmally motivated ends, are ignorant of the fate awaiting them. It seems it will take bailiffs removing their 42 inch plasmas from their hovels and the Fords off their parking spots to wake up.
The reality of it all and the imbeciles in power, controlled by the bankers and bureaucrats, are cleverly hidden by a pliant media press core, as useful as a fart in a colander
As Gerald Celente points out in his piece, we can't, or at least the potential mass game changers, can't "read about it". The "it" being the close knit groupings of shadowy but clueless politicians used as human shields by the bankers. If it could be readily read about, watched or listened too, then uprisings and the overthrow of the regimes, so guilty over decades of creating this mess, would be hastened to their inevitable change.
Those unfair and unequal societies in The Middle East have shown the way to go with courage and awareness. Our Eloys seem too well controlled. The Greek bailout and the latest cobbled together first-aid, or should that be third aid, was just to hold the fort while European puppeteers take their sacrosanct month off. Probably mostly sunning in Monte Negro. The new bastion and fortress for the ill gotten gains of the filthy rich.
I cannot guess when the cracks will open fully but when they do will what's left of a Western media tell us? Don't hold your breath. Just remember how they suppress multi-cultural failings, economic stupidity and federal ambition. Remember the all embracing global warming issue. An aspect of political and financial shenanigans, corruption and self interest that is costing us all billions, is virtually ignored. How many chase the truth in these matters? Very few. "Truth is the first casualty of war" is associated with the American, Hiram Johnson. In the economic wars presently being waged that is very much the case. The EU Federalists and Global Government seekers have their designs on how the present conflict will end to their advantage. Sadly I see little effort in the media to help highlight and even stop them. Is this why News Corps is so vilified? Were they about to tell some whole truths? If they were then the witch hunt would make a lot of sense!
Oh, and The Daily Fail has gone up five pence. Quietly done, that!


  1. Good news at last! By not buying the Daily Mail I am saving an extra five pence. Once this would have bought me a decent meal in a British Restaurant.

  2. Glad to be of service, Demetrius!