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Thursday, 21 July 2011


As The Faux Hacking Furore Dies Down.

It has frequently been my view that the dreadful debt liabilities foisted on us all, which erupted in 2007 and never went away, was partly a political scam to bring about EU integration. Ergo a Federal State. That the clown that is Rompuy and his gangster commissioners consider this a logical step makes the case. Obummer also wishes to see this come about.
However, given the pathetic vanity and narcissistic weakness of our erstwhile career political classes, they have screwed up worse than Chamberlain and his "note". Cameron next with a bit of paper?  The fact that Chamberlain was a very honourable and decent man makes today's bunch look the pillocks they are, even more. In seeking a Federal European Edifice none of the players dating back to  the second world war ever asked themselves fundamental questions. Did the people want it? What will it cost and is it affordable? What if it fails to work? These basics are still ignored today. The first question was "no" when put to France and The Netherlands.  As manipulated as The Irish euro vote. The second question we now painfully know was too much and no, it's unaffordable. The third question is being played out this very day.
An orderly and careful dismantling of The Federal nightmare is impossible with the idiots in charge of the asylum. Mark my words, anything but hurting the plebs will not happen. 
The enormous costs of operating and preserving this wasteful and corrupt bureaucracy will be allowed to stumble on from one crisis to another. All the time those in the know will be busily buying gold and stashing their ill gotten gains somewhere safe whilst allowing their banking friends to do likewise. As their deception reaches the lowest and humblest peasants of Europe and starvation becomes a reality everywhere, they will be long gone to pastures new. As the previous ravagers of Europe fled to South America, expect this lot to do the same.


  1. Yes, I hear Brazil and Uruguay are particularly attractive - huge tracts of land being bought up. Today's summit is another cobbled-together piecemeal step on the way to fiscal/monetary union which of course won't work without tax harmonisation, a single Treasury etc, which means political union will become, in their eyes, inevitable. They're driving me nuts at the moment with all their scheming and double-dealing.

  2. Me, too, GV. The glaring fact that they are bankrupt will still make their ambitions fail in the longer term.