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Sunday, 10 July 2011


We Were Told The Truth.

Then all this furore would not be necessary. On Marr's programme this morning that ghastly, pompous, know all, hoon of hoons lied blatantly. On the very same programme that was wetting itself with the excitement of a subject of little interest or reality to most of us. The mighty State hack us to hell and back in the name of security. A euphemism for control and we blithely carry on regardless and/or unaware. The terrible scandals and dreadful corruption in high places is still kept under wraps, hacking or no hacking. Journalists of a genuine hue need all the help they can get to expose the scandals of every day Westminster. Note the argument that the private lives of the powerful are not our business.If an individual has the power to press a nuclear button, I for one would like to know he or she is not fretting over their love life or illegal acts and that their decisions about their personal life are laudable. I'm afraid this whole matter is a very deep one but when all is said and done we will lose another bit of freedom on our descent into social decay and breakdown. Just look at Northern Ireland to see how bad it can get.


  1. [shouts] You can't handle the truth!

  2. That's the second time Camoron has preempted an inquiry/report, OR - I do believe I can see a pattern developing here, said Spidey, sarkily!