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Saturday, 23 July 2011

I Can't Let This Go.

What An Utter Hoon.

I am so close To Calling him a cnut. Or should that be Canute? From here we get stuff like,  "This is our Munich moment,"" and then the Canute bollocks, "He said temperatures must be kept within 2 degrees Celsius"
Like we can do this? I really would like a close look at his Al Gore type investments. I suspect he bet the (wind) farm and is now desperate it's not what he hoped for. Why no reference to this paper? Which states categorically, "In fact, if it were not for tropical deforestation, the world’s forests would be taking up a huge percentage of the carbon dioxide emitted from anthropogenic activities." and even more significant is this 
bombshell for the Cnut . 
Just browse these two papers then ask why we are being duped into paying billions of hard earned spondoolies to bolster this turd headed piece of excrement. The speed star of Essex and Spousal bullying abuser on points of order, is preaching his ignorant mantra at further cost to our hard pressed debt mountain. I can se him basking in first class luxury pondering his own immeasurable wisdom and smug self centred security. He makes Snotty, Bliar, Pseudo and every other political pygmy of our discredited world look special. May his stupid and ignorant lack of knowledge and scientific questioning haunt his soon to be enforced retirement. Of course I wish in vain. When sacked in utter disgrace, he'll just move on to some other multi-national corporate scam to peddle his politics of fear. Hateful, nasty little character with the decency of a sewer rat that's been starved for a week.

More about the privileged but smugly arrogant gobshite is here, featuring such as this, "Huhne owns seven houses—five that he purchased just as investments and that he makes money on as rental properties and two in which he lives. (One in Eastleigh, his constituency, and a town house in Clapham, south London). His wealth is estimated as £3.5 million. pomposity of breeding., no problems paying for his inflated energy bills.


  1. Hoon, cnut, Canute bollocks, turd, piece of excrement, Spousal bullying abuser, ignorant, stupid, sewer rat, gobshite.

    Don't hold back on your admiration of him OR, many of your readers just consider him a cunt.

  2. Bless you Joe, I won't. My admiration is only exceeded by that of his two bosses!