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Friday, 1 July 2011


Let's Tip Toe To The Dictatorship.

"Oh what tangled webs we weave....". I briefly flirted with "QT" and "This Week" yesterday evening. Very ground hog day. Hammond vomiting out the old mantra that we had to rape Afghanistan so no one else would and our streets would be safe. Really sickening stupidity. Then somewhere the shocking statement that the Greek asset stripping is in the hands of a select EU committee. A cherry picking force coming to a place near you, if not already there.
As for that trio of shallow, self-interested traitors above, they might just as well be laying wreaths for the death of our and the rest of Europe's Nations as they are subsumed into the EU Soviet States. If you want to see your future just read up on the Soviet Union and where that led. Budapest, 1956, would be a good historic starting point. EU tanks on the streets of London, people killed and tortured for being human and nationalist. Thou shalt not worship any other state but us, is already the mantra. It's just being a little less noisy for the time being.
Meanwhile NATO, the EU force in all but name, will still be in Libya this time next year, Strauss Kahn will be back at the trough and his "victim" long disappeared. Afghanistan's long drawn out defeat of NATO's military failure will be dragging on. Iraq will remain another graveyard of pygmy politics, and that glorious victory, falsely claimed, seen for the cut and run it was. Case rested here. The citizens of The Western Corporate States will be trudging through lives of penury and enslavement with only a chosen few elevated from the misery.
Should you think this all rather far fetched, nip over to Greece. Their goods and chattels are now the preserve of an EU committee of re-distribution and subjugation. What is really fascinating is the quiet, hushed, suppressed media complicity in all this. A kids visit to Canada as a distraction. London Olympics as a mild but expensive diversion, whilst the stealth robbers go about shafting us all for the glory of The Great EU. How much is deliberate or unforeseen consequence, we may never know. The secret pow-wows between Pseudo and Ed would tell us much but again we will never know about those cosy agreements. If we add up the cost of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Labours' mass immigration and public sector votes for perks costs, throw in our club membership of The EUSSR, Trident and Government corruption of IT and defense contracts, guess what? We would be wealthier than China and The EU combined.  Were that so we could be responsible foe our own salvation and future, without any mortgage debt to China and The Corporate world. Smacks of freedom, though. That would not do, would it?

Welcome to 2011, circa 1984!

Note the similarity of the music to The EU National Anthem and the justification for conflict.


  1. What might really upset the Greeks is to find that no-one wants to buy their motorways and other assets given the corruption and beaurocracy of that nation.

    "Dear Mr Barclaycard
    I am unable to repay the vast sums that you loaned to me, not even the minimum repayment that would see me enslaved to you for life. In view of this please accept the enclosed 'Bailout Application' which enables you to lend me yet more and stops me going bankrupt on you, yet.

    yours sincerely
    G. Reeks."

  2. It's a great big casino, Banned. Trouble is it's our chips they play with, bastards all.