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Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Haves And Have Nots.

Where Are You?

I have a great deal. A lovely day yesterday including a local beer festival. Today is earmarked for a lunch out
with many friends. The weather is set fair, the garden beautiful and all is well. Yet how much longer this will be the case is hard to say. The world's economy is shot. At least the old order. The haves, from politicians, drug barons and the everlasting Rothschild like elite have raped the earnings and savings of the "have not all they might have hads".
A better observer than I is quoted for the second time this week. 
"While the politicians battle it out over who would be to blame if the American economy hit a brick wall, Gerald Celente from the US-based Trends Journal says the political elite will not recognize simple solutions to curb America's deficit." 
No longer can the so called leaders claim they never saw it coming. Every word uttered by them is a lie to protect and cover up the scandals that might just force protest on a grand scale. The elite regard a slow, painful death of our comfort and happiness to be their preferred option. Like concentration camp guards the aim is to lull and dull the senses until the inevitable dawns too late.
I guess whatever happens my generation made it for themselves and in the main the hedonistic, state funded merry go round epitomised by the Winehouses of today were not an option, if you wished to get on".
When I see that failed leftie culture, whose flag ship role model is windbag and profligate Obama, shows Cok'Ed Labour 9 per cent ahead in the poles I despair. When part of the terrible consequences of their recent tenure, Iraq and Afghanistan, in turn part of the terrible losses of 9/11's true target, The West's wealth, common sense to vote for "none of the above" just is not there.
Alistair Cook's "Letter from America" was always a quiet and reassuring missive. It always seemed we were in safe hands, all was well even in adversity and war. Somehow we had leaders whose passion to be loved, voted for and hero worshipped via a PR machine costing billions, wasn't so obvious.
As the world watches American soldiers fearing their pay check is not coming, the need for change on a massive scale is obvious. Those with billions of dollars in their own personal banks and tons of gold nuggets, barrels of oil and commodities pre-paid and guaranteed, need to put their hands in their pockets. God knows there's enough of them.All that dosh went somewhere, after decades of arms, drugs and Sodom style lives. Air Force One on eBay, Downing Street up for rent and The Elysée Palace turned into a shelter for the homeless mass immigration from all over the World. Now that's real change! 
Have a nice Sunday!

Awaiting interview to explain their collective failure?

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