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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Hang On A Minute.

Where's The Proof?

With all the might of the security services and Bliar's track record of having people bumped off, the mad man returns to seek revenge on Rupe. Were these allegations true, why on earth did he not go guns blazing at the time? Furthermore note the cosy "exclusive" for The BBC. Whatever is afoot we'll probably never know. However any serious dirt Rupe has on these guys will be devalued, so they hope, by the current issues. However since this is a fruitcake popping out of the woodwork, it would be delicious if Rupe decided to publish and be damned. It's time some of the really hidden stuff was released so that we might understand more about Dunblane, rent boy scandals and Snotty's clique. Not least his old friendly foe, Kiddyfiddler Mandy  Come on Rupert, let's have the lot you once agreed to keep hushed up! Let's have the real dirt you have on Obummer as well, whilst you're at it!



  1. Publish and be damned indeed.There is more to this story than meets the eye.I would not trust a word that came out of Snotty's mouth,nor most of his party.I have never had any faith in the present wally occupying No.10 either.What has happened to our Once Great Country? Where have all the real statesmen disappeared to? It is reasonably assured that we are heading for a calamity,I hope that when the dust then settles,we have people of a higher calibre voted in.

  2. One hundred per cent, Whistle.

  3. The newspaper allegedly involved in the hacking of Mr. Brown's child's medical records state that they got the information by legitimate means. or paid a NHS employee, or a database operator a bit low on the old spondulix, or Charlie whot'sizzbollux sold them for a bit of fag money. who knows.
    Who really cares - we ain't in the loop and ain't likely to be told.

  4. Fortunately Snotty's pretty well out of the loop as well, Anon!

  5. If you know all this stuff about paedophiles in high places, why don't you go to the police or the Daily Mail. You are complicit by not doing anything other than dark mutterings here.