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Friday, 8 July 2011


Hague's Dreadful "Hard Talk".

As a cheeky chappy at an ancient Tory jamboree this guy went on to a lucrative career as an abject failure in every position he held. Now he is The Foreign Secretary of  The United kingdom. I used to quite admire him many years ago without realising that he was such an incompetent and poor character.
Boy did this change matters even further. An abject, woeful performance crowned with his fidgety discomfort when questioned about Syria versus Libya. The most crass thing of all was his evasive nonchalance at the killings by Assad. Death from Gaddafi's followers, bad, Assad's, "w.w.w.w.what problem." As the Americans had over Bliar, I suggest Assad's spooks have over Pseudo and The Coalition. What else explains, as with Iraq, why a particular line is taken? For sure our walking by on the other side with Syria smacks of some deep dark, nefarious nastiness we are not to be privy to. Of such things there is much. Part of the nastiness of the modern world and Western politics. We should be furious this is all pretended to be in our name, for our security and our own good. Doesn't work, though, does it?


  1. This guy has been a massive let down. He used to be right-wing. Then he gets a sniff of power and it all goes out the window.

  2. Is just power he got a sniff of, Michael?

  3. To be fair he was a good leader of the Opposition and I enjoyed the number of times he verbally beat Tony Blair into the Commons floorboards at PMQs. But apart from that, yeah.

  4. AE, something seems to have to be left at the door of Westminster. Integrity, maybe?

  5. As AE stated that he used to love watching Hague wipe the floor with T B Liar,I also took that pleasure.There are still some who think that he would make a good PM,well,they are wrong.I don't think anyone in Parliament at the moment will make a good PM.