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Monday, 18 July 2011

Fortress Corruption, Palace Of Perks.

The Modern Way Of Plotting.

First up, Chequers. In earlier times the movers and shakers met, at their own expense, in castles or manor houses. The great and the good spent their own ill gotten but still their own cash on their various clique and power base machinations. Indeed there were times when building an army to protest and even do change through force of arms, was done through local taxation or voluntary contributions of food, weapons and personnel. These "armies" would comprise everyone from clerics to farmhands who had a mind to side with one or the other.
Today it is all done with patronage, ever greater deceit and a legion of dubious practices. All of which are cloaked under subterfuge, smoke and mirrors. Trawl for Bliar's, Snotty's or Pseudo's Chequers guest lists and you get to see how they are all the same. Supermarket "Barons", entertainers, mostly TV because that has the greatest audience to tell jokes to and brainwash. Only their allegiances and personal preferences  as to how they wish THEIR world to be manipulated, differs. The plotting, nastiness, back stabbing and all the trappings of human nastiness and the epitome of Satanic design, is paraded and strutted around this edifice and monument to depravity of failure. Snotty's relative disassociation with a hostile press is seen here.  Bliar and Pseudo's obsession with PR and the press differ markedly., Pseudo's first, Bliar's next. Note the amazing similarity. I suspect the bed hopping was similar, too.
In all this exercise of power and might and the manner in which these waltzes to egoism unfold, one thing stands out. WE pay massively for it.

Next up, The Palace Of Perks. Where to begin? As they salivate over their expected revenge on The Murdoch Empire, as an arm of the "expenses", media fest of recent history, we can but watch helplessly as this coterie of inexperienced children follow the surviving peer dinosaur crooks, led by the likes of Vaz . Long forgotten is their perks riven ideology. This bunch of servile, self serving cretins have our press by the short and curlies. Boy are they happy bunnies. All they care about is determining which dangerous, to themselves, press people will be classified as a threat. Like their ill conceived legislation on dogs, therefore, which are to be muzzled. They will be instructed to not mention the good old State Broadcaster, The BBC. You see it would seem that anything from newspapers to cigarettes we get to choose to pay for, they want controlled. Unlike all that we are forced to fund, that is a free for all target. Or I should say, free for them.
Both houses dominate a wilderness and paucity of decency. Both are minuscule little oasis of fun for a dying system, long merged in the decades of stealth and surrender to the greatest and most obnoxious buildings in Strasbourg and Brussels. Note again these are monuments to grotesque failure and subjugation of the masses which we are, yet again, forced to fund. We have no voice, no choice and little freedom. That last glimmer of freedom will be denied our grandchildren. They won't be able to afford it.

Addendum: Check this out if you want to read about the smug arrogance of which I rail.  Given what's happening  at the moment, priceless! "..politics is about more than transparency. It is about deals, it is about secrets, it is about discretion. You may not like that, but then, I don’t like the fact that Twitter on a Saturday afternoon is dominated by baffling comments about football, but I still have to get used to it."

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