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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Forget Hacking.

Note The Trafficking.

Even when we know the depths of depravity into which the elite and Bilderberger powerful sink, nothing happens. The faux anger of the political morons, drowning out any other catastrophic news, floods their partners in deceit, the MSM. The BBC is salivating over a complete state control for evermore and are jubilant at the potential dominance of their guilt ridden lefty agenda. Whatever we think of Rupe and News International, it was still a counter to the state diet of pap they decide to allow us to digest.
As for the reality, consider this quote, "In this context, I want to note that the former Under-Secretary-General of the UN Antonio Costa who was responsible for the drug problem mentioned that in 2008-2009, in the midst of the global financial crisis, US$352 billion from selling drugs was pumped into the world’s leading banks. This means that a certain global level determines or sets the demand for drugs turnover, and ultimately, a political order for this production." More to be found here.
Now our PM is developing a nasal whine and Jedward has had his for some years. As major purchasers and borrowers of drug cartel money it is little surprise they do their own quality control from time to time.
I have for many moons pushed this knowledge of Europe and America's reliance on drug money to bail out their failure. It seems that heroin and oil share much in common when in the context of the World's economy. So if Murdoch has damning evidence of this complicity it is little wonder that his reign is so under threat. With the security forces and gangsters' own personal problem solvers working hand in hand, defeating them looks pretty difficult.
Is it possible to stir nations against these despicable, cruel, vengeful and nasty alliances? No wonder prostitution, child molestation and random killing runs amok and completely devalues human existence. When the powerful are so steeped in the excrement of depravity as they are, their personal vendettas are now being played out without any fear of retribution. Phone hacking, what a pathetic little matter that really is compared to the filth paraded before us and our unwillingness to do or say anything about it. I pose this question. What do the powerful have to do to really, really upset people? I am at a loss, given the foregoing matters to know. Certainly the likes of Mandelson's coterie and network of privileged paedophiles seem untouchable. At least by public opinion. If Murdoch got close to "outing" all he knows we might never have had to suffer as we do. One thing is for sure, when the gangsters need some of their money back, it is we cannon fodder that pay the price, when we have not one decent gainsayer in The World. Particularly in Europe.


  1. You may recall my idea that we have a three part economy, Taxable, Alternative and Illegal. If it was the Illegal part that just about got us all through and our government is aware of this, then it is bad news for the rest of us.

  2. "The BBC is salivating over a complete state control for evermore."

    This is what worries me. And what if Murdoch sells his papers to a pro-European Union type?

  3. "If it was the Illegal part that just about got us all through."
    Demetrius, evidence prevails that it was. Michael, it may already be on the way. He gets BSkyB eventually and the newspapers form a "Guardian International Corporation"! All profits offshore , of course.

  4. The Matrix coming to a parliament near you very soon!

  5. BB, you may need your powers of adhesion!

  6. Fox news in america has the highest ratings it has more or less sidelined all the left wing stations whose ratings has fallen through the floor, I think this has not been missed by the left in the UK

  7. The might of the BBC, the Guardian and the left in general has to be curbed. As thing stand at the moment, the failure of Murdoch to get BSkyB and the likely additional controls that will be the result of the enquiry will have negative effects on our democracy.

    It is an absolute mystery why people are not enraged by this.

  8. "petem130
    It is an absolute mystery why people are not enraged by this."

    Apathy my dear boy , apathy.