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Saturday, 2 July 2011

An Ever Deepening Shade Of Pink.

No More Blue Sky Politics.

Red jacket most apt.

As I follow the repetetive failure of this Government going down the same cul-de-sac(s) beloved of Labour, I despair. Education should be a philosophy built on ability and genetic, nature given, capability. This mantra that all kids can be Einsteins has destroyed our Country and furthered the cunning and well bred to feast on their own superiority. The very idea of "equality" is pathetic. Were we all "equal" then we would have millions of Nadals or Vettels. These guys are born brilliant and no stupid social engineering makes a jot of difference. This IDS nonsense, stolen from Snotty Brown, of British jobs for British workers, palpably ignores the fact that even Bliar knew, comprehensive education is a dismal, abject failure.
We should worship excellence. Promote it from every corner of society and use the resultant improvement in our best and aspirational, to offset the yob culture worshipped by so many. What is it about the Cleggs of this world whose own privilege is tickety boo but woe betide we Eloys who demand better than the shit we have to clean up every weekend? The evidence is like an atomic explosion and still the pinkies ignore decades of decline and misery. Listen to the political rhetoric and all we need is more of the same debacle of post war decay. Lord in Heaven how are they so blind?


  1. Yep OR, bring back the techs and grammar schools.

    Shirley Williams and her red book waving buddies have brought our country to its knees.

  2. The ACTUAL words by Anthony Crosland were, 'I will not rest until every fucking Grammar School is closed down'.He was understudy to bossy Williams.It was a sad day when that happened. I myself attended a Secondary Modern,much maligned now,but,I think my old school was a lot better than what we have today.The teachers could teach,the rowdy ended up with a lump of chalk in the eye,or a walk down to the Headmasters room,then ouch!!

  3. Thanks for the input, guys. How did it all come to this? Socialism, well intended,stupidly implemented.