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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Drug Use.

Booze From Nature's Fruit Or Chemical Coshes?

I've always enjoyed a drink. However I have always been and still am very, very careful about addiction. As for "spliffs" and the "cheese course" of the London and other chatterati gatherings, the partying to excess and the readily available muck snorted, injected, suppository swapped and who knows what is beyond me. Addiction destroys everybody. Just look at yesterday's pictures of Palmer-Tomkinson "No Nose". Then consider the outpourings of praise and adulation for Whiny Winehouse's lifestyle. The excuses, patronising crap and acceptance of such self-destruction and greed for cheap and easy, quick fix emotional highs are as toxic as the muck washed into their "temples".
Let's make no mistake here. The Sodom and Gomorrah scenario unfolding is led from the top. Mensch's revelations today, (told you Rupe would go on the attack), is just a small example.
Morality and decency are dead, trodden under, finished. The drug barons are heroes supping at the top table. Laws for some, not others.  The cheats, abusers and "wild youth" privileged are now rife in every echelon of power and corruption.
This stupid, spoilt woman is but a small example. Look hard at her features and check out her continued fascination with "pop" culture then tell me she's much different from Palmer-Tomkinson and others. Then there's the even higher levels of depravity and scum. Pseudo, Bliar and many, many others. Strauss Kahn was probably high on something when he molested the hotel chamber maid.
Drugs are everywhere and it stems from the top. Is it any wonder our erstwhile leaders are so rubbish. Addled, superior and oblivious to the effects their example of chemically enhanced superiority makes them. Addiction only happens to the odd oddball. A quick sojourn at the Priory is all it takes, or perhaps a piece of your arse fashioned into your nose cavity. Which reminds me, who's having a nose job right now?
Nope, it seems if you wish to determine why our lives are now such a fearful, scary mess look no further than that which Menssch describes as misspent youth. If she had a shred of decency she would resign. No responsibility, no remorse, keep snorting. That these idiots just say they dabbled in their teens is doing that which they do so easily, taking the piss; "probably” took drugs with punk violinist Nigel Kennedy while working at a record company."  Probably? On just one occasion? What a piss take. A plague on all their chemically driven lives. They're wrong and incredibly lazy, at best. At worst they are a shining example to the celebrants at Winehouse's wake.  Dancing on a corpse representative of the examples set by those in power. Well, at least their misspent youths, as they would have us believe. How the West was lost.
It's not banks that are too big to fail, it's the trade that supports them. Ask your Prime Minister or even your President.

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