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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Corruption, Hacking And Care Homes.


Fourth dimension indeed. As the chatterati urination over the hacking scandal subsides, we shall be able to dissect the vast amount of double standard politics. Plus what passes for journalism but is mostly propaganda. In particular that churned out by The BBC. Their utter shamelessness at revelling in this ridiculous non-scandal is beyond even their daily excesses of hypocrisy. Bloggers railed endlessly and still do, about police, political and institutional corruption and incompetence. The MSM and the chatterati get to cherry pick that most pertinent to the socialist and Orwellian cause.
Now the Milly Dowler incident was dreadful but I see this as one Maverick twat. The Murdoch empire has frequently been said not to influence Public opinion, but this has not stopped the debate claiming otherwise. A discussion in 2010, here. 
Now our Rupe, some time ago, realised that TV was taking over the manipulation of Public opinion. So much has The BBC become an instrument of State control he sought to create a private enterprise counter. Hence the panic in the ranks of the left and the desire to block such a move as the full ownership of BSkyB.
I digress. Investigative journalism has to function in a murky world of corporate, global finance and the inherent corrupt excrement it happily wallows in. The recent and continuing financial crisis is a perfect example of, if you are steeped in shit, you've nothing to lose when more is thrown your way. It's those of us threatened of and being dragged into this cess pool, that have the most to suffer from disease and infection. Against this backdrop are a handful of journalists who not only care but have died in pursuit of a toilet cleanser. A very brave example here. A real heroine. There are others. 
The recent Panorama undercover care home revelations are a good example, too. Now here is the moral dilemma. Such work for the public good and interest must have employed subterfuge and quite probably a degree of investigation, security breaches and so forth. The outcome has been wholly beneficial. The expenses scandal and "cash for honours", however, came too close to the edge of the habitat of the powerful. The police and their masters huddled together and found the longest grass meadows in The Kingdom to place their findings.
The excitement and hypocrisy all around us this very day is that someone, maybe Rupe, has a very efficient brush cutter. The inhabitants of that huge backyard privvy and it's holding pool of muck, hidden by the well fertilised grass, are just a little bit scared. Hence the manufactured tension and the holding of noses and breath. Forgive the laboured and possibly mixed metaphors. If this stench were released, I doubt The BBC and the grotesque lefties would have a better supply of toilet paper than their perceived counterparts across that little sewerage drain and gulley known as the "centre ground"! 

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