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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cameron Should Go.


He's no bloody good. Just like his recent predecessors promoted beyond their abilities, together with many in our Establishment, his poor intellectual grasp of life is ignored. Politics has become a dustbin for individuals who crave attention and power without the ability to make a significant and honest contribution to our Nation's affairs. Career politicians and the patronage they are able to offer has destroyed our Country. The paucity of intelligence so palpably inherent in our Public School production line is as awful as the resentment of their opponents for their privilege.
Just look at the likes of Bill  Giggly Turnbull. Another Bill, Piggy Wiggin, Cameron himself. A veneer of character which crumbles easily in the face of possible exposure of their poor quality as individuals. These same criticisms apply equally to the constant chip on the shoulder lefties and Trade Unionists for whom their craving for power to assuage their inferiority, (justified), complexes, makes them unfit.
What we need are people with a track record of honest toil and deserved success in business, enterprise and real life. I suspect it is far too late to ever see any change for the better. What I will say is that these people shame me into admitting I'm English.


  1. Yes, David Cameron should go. I've never known such popular unanimity on any topic.

  2. Career politicians aggggh it makes my blood boil that we put into power people who have literally no real life experience and seem to live in a parallel universe, what we need is responsible people who put the people and country first, people who understand what it like to live in the real world, people from all walks of life.

  3. I almost detest the man as much as Crash Gordon. Great if he buggered off, but I wonder what fuckwit would take his place.

  4. Bill, a remarkable, Bliar like performance today with absolutely no understanding of how we feel as citizens. Jacobite, I totally agree that our principle problem is the career politician issue. I'd love to see a five year term as maximum. Dave, Farage, Hannan, Davis. There are alternatives.

  5. If it's your goal in life to have political power just for the sake of it, you've got to be a bit dodgy, haven't you?