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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bloody Pathetic.

A Couple Of days Ago..............

IDS whinged about "jobs for British workers" only to be told firstly our youth are mainly benefit scrounging, feckless yobs and secondly our EU imported workers are smarter, harder working and hungrier. Furthermore, in the competition for work, The EU diktats, religiously followed by The UK State also contribute to our workless strata.
Then yesterday evening was kebab night on "Newsnight" when a man I find irritating but sometimes effective, Paxman, skewered wimp Hammond. How my once beloved Conservative representatives have sunk below even Labours' level, once in power, is startling.
In the piece last night, the loss of jobs at train maker Bombardier was the subject. The weak, whimpering defense, with gaping moral holes in, was that Labour signed up to an EU contracts scheme forbidding favouring home grown work/jobs. Of course this is not implemented so diligently elsewhere but hey, this is the precious UK and its creepy arse lickers to the EU project. Boy was Hammond useless. 
Yet also absent from this farcical loss of jobs was any significant complaint from any Trade Unionists. Their lucrative bag these days is the "Civil" Service. Long gone are the days when Unions had a real place on the jobs front when it clashes with their own desire for a EUSSR wide and very wealthy future, towing the line.
The weaker The EU grip gets elsewhere the more we suffer in The UK. You can imagine the whole circus being holed up in London one day having been driven from the European mainland through pure common sense that no longer exists in Blighty!


  1. Dearie me - the old excuse "It wisnae me, a big boy did it and ran away". Some defence?

  2. I suspect that lovely word, pathetic, covers this administration, Clarinda.

  3. According to the Telegraph:

    "Bob Crow, general secretary of rail workers' union the RMT, said: 'It's a scandal that the Government are colluding with the European Union in a policy of industrial vandalism that would wipe out train building in the nation that gave the railways to the world. We will fight this stitch-up tooth and nail from the shop floor to the benches of the House of Commons.' "

    I suspect a strike would just bring the inevitable closure of the factory a bit closer....

    I'm off to watch your video.

  4. Just watched it..... magnificent!

    My heartiest congratulations.

    And boy am I jealous!!!!

  5. Thank you very much, Tris. Mrs OR is glowing with pride, as she should!
    As for Crow, waste of £200k plus a year.

  6. What is it with British politicians that that can't see the world is full of nasty people who want what we have got, our markets, our ideas, our brands and companies built up over decades (what's left of them) and our standard of living and we have to compete and fight every inch of the way and put our own country first at all times to maintain these things?

    The French, Germans, Japanese etc know perfectly well that it is not enough to succeed, your competitors must fail, and they do their damndest at all times to look after their own interests and end up as commercial winners.
    Look at the huge swathes of British industry and business handed to foreign ownership on a plate for peanuts - so that some banker can make a fast buck - and weep for the future of your country.

    After years of politically correct leftie brainwashing we have become a nation led by wimps and losers whose only interest is how to spend taxpayers' money and whose only marketable skill is rhetoric. Compared with the tough nuts in charge in China, Russia, the USA or the crooks running the EU our British politicos appear to be impossibly naive and stupid, probably because hardly any of them has actually achieved anything in life outside their cosy little fat-cat self-absorbed Wasteminster bubble.

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