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Monday, 4 July 2011

The 4th of July, 2011.

Under Obama.

I have often mused as to the manner of human interaction. As The UK continues down the ghastly road to becoming a minor state of a Federal States of Europe, so, on this "Independence" day, I am moved to observe the similarity with The USA and China. 
I always believed and still do that 9/11 was about control through economic means. This process is unfolding, with The EU's despotic Commission, for Greece. I'm certain that Eire and Portugal are as subsumed as Greece, just more obedient. I suspect we Brits were a target but an election slowed down that process.
Now for decades The USA have traded one sidedly with China. In chasing vast riches they have sold technology and research that cost billions if not trillions. No wonder the Chinese coffers are full to overflowing. Add to this the trillions of dollars spent on wars, unsustainable slaughter, coupled with Vietnam and Korea, post the second world war costs, is it little wonder we are where we are today? Not just the horrendous material costs but the maiming and deaths of our seed corn. Is it not questionable as to why the Western gene pool these days is somewhat poor compared to elsewhere? Whilst Russia was rebuilt, albeit under a communist yoke, principles of discipline and personal responsibility were upheld. Unlike our softy, lefty "you're worth it" rubbish. All are winners and Einsteins.
The European Court of Human Rights is a perfect example of a laudable sentiment doomed to failure at the vast enrichment of that tainted profession called law. Rights should be earnt not enforced. Well we are watching this unfold and wondering where it will end. I suspect one day those marinas and palaces might well follow history into ruin. OK, so these wars have enriched a handful of gangsters and New World Corporate carpetbaggers but time and resources are getting ever fewer as the unsustainability of greed bites. The larger the exposed underbelly the more painful the bite even on the Fourth of July.


  1. You have youselves a little bit of paradise there OR

  2. No comment to make on this article apart from I agree. But just had to say what a truly breathtaking beautiful house and garden you have. I'm so envious!

  3. Why, thank you both. It's very much the inspiration of Mrs OR!

  4. Another damn fine article.

  5. Petem, I'm most flattered and grateful, thank you.