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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Why Now?

After 20 Years Of Acceptance?

“I think there isn’t any political consistency. Quite clearly we’ve been told that we’re so strapped for cash that everything we hold dear has to be slashed. And yet we can still talk about renewing the Trident [nuclear missile] and fighting wars overseas irrespective of the cost. My own view is that the war in Afghanistan and the current war in Libya are wrong. They are misjudged; they are not about what people claim they are about. And we should actually find a way out of those pretty quickly, not make the situation in those countries worse as well as at the same time take valuable resources that could go into schools and hospitals,” he said, here.
Now I may have written close to these words over two years ago. Notwithstanding Pseudo Dave's mad, headlong rush to emulate the stupid Bliar's Iraq and Afghanistan credentials, these civil robbing the taxpayer  masters, not servants, hardly made a peep those years back. Let's not forget who gets shafted, as ever, the most. The long suffering, disenfranchised public. Whilst these pampered, secure Jobsworths take a strident day off, their puppet master Union bosses are still being paid a wedge most can only ever dream about. Sure we need protest and a political revolution but we won't get any help from The International Socialist Brotherhood any time soon. The EU is as much a Union holy grail as it is a Sir Humphrey chalice of riches and career multi-million pound pay packets.
Nope, the Labour placement teachers, mandarin and Police Force chiefs have a change agenda that seeks only one aim. A perpetuation of a socialist state within a European Federation regardless of the enslavement that entails. The Greek people seem to be getting it, I see no one else doing so outside of blogging sites. Still, Rome wasn't built in a day but it feels The EU was! Enjoy the strike day and try to laugh at them losing a days pay. Same old, same old lambs to the slaughter of higher plans and goals for domination. They make The Cobbleition seem almost OK. Some achievement, that!


  1. "Union bosses are still being paid a wedge most can only ever dream about."

    Yeah. I wish I had their money!

  2. It's a millions long queue, Michael.