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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Who Says We're Not Like Greece?

We Are, We Really Are.

Greece violence after confidence vote by itnnews

Just listen to and watch the Government (EU puppet) spokesman saying how fantastic they won a vote of confidence from their Parliament. What else would they do, turkeys never vote for Christmas. Then contrast this with The Cobbleition debacle and overseas aid, Afghanistan, Libya and so on. Its all about "them". it's nowt to do with what their people want. I caught an arrogant, ghastly German bloke on Newsnight, last evening, spouting on happily how The German tax payers will cough up regardless. This blind faith that only the ruling clique have sway is so very dangerous, pompous and very, very stupid. Do these idiots not see Athens burning and now Belfast again? Under the EU dictatorship, no city is safe until these bastards are forced to bow to what we want to see happen to our world. It's very different than their NWO desires and this tragic story from America shames us all in its silent suppression.  Most pass by on the other side, I guess.
Shameful that this dreadful sacrifice did not ignite more than the poor sod involved. He was immediately branded (pun intended) a "troublemaker". Well, burning yourself to death is one hell of a statement but as I have said above, these elite Bilderbergers really couldn't give a toss.

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