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Monday, 27 June 2011

War Or Violent Peace?

The Last 20 Years.

The Falklands, two Gulf wars, The Balkans, Iraq, Libya and on and on. What is it about our so called leaders that in making a monumental cock up of our lives they walk away with honours and wealth denied to so many more deserving cases?
Not only do they ruin the Planet with the detritus and pollution of war but then tell the populace it's all our fault. They lie, obfuscate, cheat and manipulate us in every corner of our lives. Our economies, health, education and the very air we breathe are all garnered to the politics of envy and fear. It is very hard to know if their totally incompetent rule is some Machiavellian smoke screen or just a requirement of uselessness necessary to claw their way into a position of bossing us about. In my lifetime I have never known any political or indeed economic stability for the UK or the USA, for that matter. Forever staggering from one crisis or another. There must be countries, (Scandinavian?) that are not suffering the brutality of our violent peace, surely? Even Pseudo Dave's "Big Society" sounds threatening. Well, I can tell him this, my "big society" has and continues to do well without the hidden violent threat his conjures up.  Ask The Greeks, The Irish, The Spanish or Portuguese how they feel about their lack of contentment and ever deeper poverty, exacerbated by those Cretins in Brussels and Government. Why don't they just manage and leave us alone? Violent peace, indeed.

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