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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Ve Hav Vays Offf Making You Pay!

No More War In Europe. Really? It's Them Versus Us!

So it says here. Because for banks read you and me. Just as with Pseudo Dave's sleight of hand over "no more Eurozone bailout from the impoverished UK whilst doubling the IMF mortgage payments, so this "banks must cough up" crap is yet more shovelling of heavy duty excrement over we cellar bound citizens of The EU mushroom farm. Suck it all up, suckers!!
Richard touches on the matter eloquently today. If I were less humble,  I might say great minds think alike.


  1. Great minds choke when attempting to spell "humble"?

  2. That's great minds at very early in the morning and a very tough schedule. However, I shall change it to the correct spelling. Mine looks kind of cute, mind you.