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Saturday, 18 June 2011


Sleeping Sickness Afflicting EU And UK Politicians.

Welcome to the EU dream.

A hidden admission of the failing EU State is written here. I'm not happy with the summary that The EU is perfectly able to fund Greece's economy. Even if the removal of sovereign control is the reason for this economic crisis, which is allowing the EU Commission, or rather Commissar, to expedite their Federal Dictatorship, the image above reflects more accurately the depth of anger and feeling against the "Dictatorship" from Brussels.
Were our politicos to wake up and find a cure for their collective sleeping sickness, would we, do we, really want any of them in charge? It's one big but exclusive club, drunk on power and dominance. Full of their own superior knowledge of secret matters and carryings on. Things which they deem important but which, history will prove, are foolish in the extreme. Examine carefully some of their representatives and/or cheer leaders. Rompuy, Leon Brittan, Mandleson. Kinnock, Cameron, Obama and so on. Useless but very dangerous. Ask any sane Greek.


  1. XX I'm not happy with the summary that The EU is perfectly able to fund Greece's economy.XX

    Same here. Because it sets a precedence. With Ireland,Spain, and Portugal, being only the first in the queue, that are waiting in the wings, to take full advantage of "set precedence". And that stupid communist bitch Merkel, will grin her imbicilic grin, (Last time I saw a grin like that, I arrested it, and found half a kilo of best Red Leb, and two half smoked joints, in its pockets) and hand over any amount asked for, whilst our own pensioners must go a FIFTEENTH year without a pension rise, even though rent, heating food, etc costs have risen dramatically in that time.

  2. It just gets ever worse,FT. The EU is a remote dictatorship, only including its people when it wants ever more money to piss up a wall.

  3. The problems currently besieging the EU is the lack of further integration, not the presence of it.

    One Europe, Many Peoples, United Progress.

  4. Dean, history is not on your side, nor is human nature.

  5. If we assume that:

    a/ the spillover effect is self-sustaining

    b/ that we need transnational solutions to transnational problems

    c/ and the continued rise in 'Europeanism'

    then history is on my side. Indeed, one may even say that a united Europe is a historical inevitability; at the pinnacle end point of a linear historical process.

  6. XX Dean said...

    c/ and the continued rise in 'Europeanism' XX

    WHERE? Because all the public here, hate the E.U 100%. The same in Sweden, Denmark, Niederlands, Austria, and Finland.

    I would suggest you stop believing what the E.U run and controlled media have to say on the subject, and get out of the house a bit and talk to REAL people, with REAL views, and not those they are paid by the E.U to have.

  7. Well said, FT and thank you.