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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

There's Little Pleasure In.....

We Told You So.

This article shows the inevitable result of the political failure in Afghanistan. All war makes brutal people of us all. My childhood was heavy with the second world war atrocities wreaked on the Jewish people in Europe and the terrible brutality of the brainwashed Japanese in The East. That The West fought and overcame this dictatorship of absolute terror was a good and proper thing to have done. Even though along the way The Russian and Allied armies will have and did play the revenge card, as is the worst side of human nature capable of.
In all of this modern history so little has been learnt. It is well documented how much The Russians warned against our invasion of Afghanistan. After the dubious Dubya and Bliar illegal Iraq regime change, Afghanistan, rather than an in and out forceful trashing of Bin Loaded, went down an identical path of political change through force and scarce money.
My despair is this.As with the collapsed economy, not least from the trillions spent on war, a new arena for common sense, the Blogosphere, is ignored and dismissed. Yet it is an international forum often populated with fine, even great minds. Masses of people writing daily with common sense and experience of life, constantly throw up almost spooky predictions and accurate forecasts. The consequences of those in power and their blindness, arrogance and poverty of spirit are all around us. Be it drugs and crime wars, economic greed or arms trade dictated conflict, our elite continue the descent into violent chaos. Meanwhile those of us with more sense in one brain cell than this, supposedly superior, bunch collectively, must write our lonely observations and predictions, laughed at by those in power and dismissed as unimportant. Well, it is often said they who laugh last....................., so maybe the likes of Bliar et al will get a tune played out with piano wire, even if metaphorically.


  1. For those of us who can remember how bad it could get the signs are ominous.

  2. They certainly are, Demetrius.

  3. I'm not so sure that the NWO is very pleased with the Jews, not doing as they're told, building houses on land that doe not belong to them,etc. etc.
    Still Israel will be ready for them THIS TIME.

  4. It does seem crazy that this country has been fighting the longest war than at any time since, perhaps, the Napoleonic Wars.

    Was this war to protect us from an imminent invasion?


    Since the Taleban were ousted ten years ago, what benefit have we gained, at the cost of hundreds of lives and billions of pounds?