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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Some days.................

Life Gets All Mixed!

From the news and my blog roll today I have the following:

Gert Wilders acquitted, great.   
Obama and Pseudo agree Afghan troop withdrawals, but so very late and so very Russian experience.

Give the public their money back, smashing but will never happen!

Libyan rebels as bad as Gaddafi's lot, still Dave carries on regardless, quietly backed by Obummer.

Real Tories no longer exist where it matters, The EU, as is the case with Labour,

A very inconvenient truth, eureferendum and we are all going to pay BIG TIME for allowing the idiots to do it.

To compound our woes wrought on us by our masters, more unnecessary expense.

So I'll change tack completely and pose this question. In gardening are there two kinds of plant lovers and if so, what does each say about us? Those who love shrubs and perennials the most and those who rate colour, flowers and annuals more? You see, that might well depend on your reactions to the items above!!


  1. It is getting stickier and stickier. We could have a rough end to the year.

  2. Demetrius, why is our so called Government idly letting it all happen? Why borrow more and more money to bail out The Euro? Who's loaning it, anyway?