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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Slowly But Surely.....

Cameron's Rainbow Cobbleition Becomes As Despised As Those During Labours' Years.

Not one  but two superb blogs this morning reach into the rotten core of our blighted society to expose the continuing awfulness of our political and establishment class. This awfulness and its consequences are shown in the 9/11 footage above. When that level of  anger is unleashed, after decades of failure by our incompetent, corporate, self-interested, power crazed fuck wits,  then we have to question our subservience and slothful continuance, as though this terrible event never happened. I could never condone violence but as the Obummer and Pseudo Dave reign over us produces zilch improvement in our lives, I have to wonder how long before the lid blows. With Bliar, Snotty and their 13 years of dreadful stupidity we could hope that one day it would end and a common sense, old style Government of managers would emerge to rescue us yet again from that pervading stench that is socialism.
Yet what have we got? Same old, same old but many times worse. We have no hope for a better alternative, as Obama and Cameron unite in fiscal ignorance and total lack of understanding of what is needed.
It sure as hell is not the secretive Bilderberger meetings, such as yesterday. It's not ever greater arms trade deals and EU/USA trade protection in drug trafficking and gangster cash laundering. In truth it is about creating nations that the world can respect and doing it by example, not violence. Scrap Trident and concentrate on making our countries too nice to hate. Why not? The historic facts, not the EU modified history, show us the legion of times we have failed. Look at the banal stupidity of re-naming a bloody dog in The Dambuster films to assuage modern, pathetic sensibilities. A small but significant pointer as to how puerile we have become. Civilisation it isn't, corruption of just about everything, is what it is. 


  1. cameron and barry know exactly what there doing,they recieve orders not give them.
    as for waiting for the lid to blow thats exactly what they are planning for,then they can declare martial law and poof whats left of your freedom goes up in smoke.
    what is needed is massive non-compliance from the people and non payment of taxes,its the only way.

  2. I'm not sure that "slowly" is the word really.

    The whole thing is falling to pieces in front of our eyes. One hand hasn't a clue what the other is doing.

    The Liberals are becoming more and more Thatcherite by the day but without enough experience at being dictatorial to be much good at it.

    The unlovely, loudmouthed bully Michael Moore makes announcements about how tough he will be with the Scots only to have his illiberal nonsense blown out of the water by the Eton boy.

    I have a vague memory of the Soviet Union and how their constitution said that any of their republics could leave the union at any time... (but just let them try). It seems to me that a referendum amongst Scots, as long as it is shown to be valid by the High Court of Judiciary in Edinburgh, should be binding... but no. Mr Moore insists that a second referendum organised by a proper government would have to follow (this from someone who is, or was, in a federalist party!). Camerclegg disagreed, but was equally insulting, saying that he would allow the Scots to organise their own referendum, but if mr Salmond tried to confuse Scots by giving them three options instead of two, then he would step in and organize it himself. (God save us from anything the Eton boy organises; on his record it will be a complete pig’s breakfast.)

    Anyway, long way round to say that if he keeps treating us like stupid children from the remedial class, all he will do is turn more of us on to independence, and if he denies more and more of us what we want, we may end up taking it, instead of requesting or demanding it.

  3. 'Be careful what you wish for'
    you wanted Cameron you got him boy does that hurt??

    spose they could of called the Dog 'SOOTY' er no best not
    nor 'BLACK DOG'

    here 'BOY' would be to ageist

    best they have a cat in the filim instead

  4. "you wanted Cameron you got him boy does that hurt??"
    You are so wrong. On both counts. I wanted and voted for David Davies and as much as I am beginning to despise Cameron, at least we are rid of the worst bunch of charlatan socialists and snot pickers in the history of the world! Another mansion, Cherie? Boss of IMF, Gordon, dear.

  5. I hate and despise what my country has become over the last twenty years!

  6. Scrap Trident? We have no aircraft carriers, no navy to speak of and an army stretched to limit. How much more vulnerable do want this country to become?

  7. Sean, scrap Trident and invest in conventional weaponry. A Navy, Army and Air Force of our own, not The EbloodyU.