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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Simple Complication.

Let me Explain.

For this group of pathetic puppets and the heads of state who placed them in a significant position of authority, everything is very complicated. Creating an EU military force via NATO, calming their banking, crooked, mates at our terrible expense and driving us all into penury and servitude, is enormously complicated. Add to this the dreadful necessity of ignoring pure logic in invading Afghanistan, despite being bankrupted in Iraq and the complexity of stupidity grows exponentially.
Then listen to the people of Greece when approached last night, on the streets of Athens, as to whom they blamed for the mess we are in. The EU, IMF and banks. There is the simplicity of the complication of failure and leadership incompetence.
Here is a further simple statement underlying our politicians "true lies". The phrase that gave me my "simple complication" phrase. "Charlie McGrath of says Lagarde is coming from “the same old school” as Strauss-Kahn, so people shouldn’t expect a drastic change any time soon. “She is going to work diligently to make sure that austerity reigns throughout Europe,” he says, and he believes that the burden is going to continued to be piled upon the backs of the citizens, not the banks. “The banks are the ones reaping this incredible profit,” says McGrath, and he says nothing will be fixed until the rest of the world takes a lesson from Greece and begins to show their disdain on the streets.", from here.
A further example, in the link, of the "simple complication" involved in the election a female clone of Strauss Kahn. Elected (placed) in the cosy chair as head of The IMF, (World central clearing house of corruption and ill gotten billions of our earnings and labour".)
You see, all this smoke and mirrors, lies, PR and smarmy complication is too "complex" for we mere onlookers of this circus. Well The Greeks have spotted the Emperors are buck naked. Time we all looked very closely and discerned that their nudity is indeed that simple. The Trade Unions in The UK are reported to be seeking to garner dissenting troops from other disparate bodies. Now there's a scary thought. All those fellow travellers of The EU big top are as much part of the "complicated" structure of privilege and wealth. They must not be seen as part of the simpler factors behind the troubles of today. They have their place but not, as they seem to demand for themselves, at the top table of corrupt complicated dining clubs of misogynous dinosaurs. 
Take a lesson from Greece. Keep it simple and tear down the edifices placed in the way of freedom and decency. Then demand that no senior figure in a position of financial or political power ever serves more than two years in office, with sensible rewards, before returning to from whence they were seconded. Individual wealth should be measured thereafter by the number of beneficiaries gaining from enterprise and earning, not public service robbery. Keep it simple!


  1. I believe that the Swiss president does just that OR. One year in his case as president of the Federation, and then back to his company, his farm, his bank or the dole queue (with an interesting addition to his cv)

    As for Madame Lagarde, from what I gathered from the news she is in her post thanks largely to the Chinese, Indians, Russians and Brazilians.

    Once upon a time she would have been there thanks for America and its poodle.

    The big players may have changed, but the game is the same.

  2. The Four Horse Persons Of The Apocalypse.