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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Real Opposition.

The Dinosaurs Of Trade Unionism. 

It really is a toss up who is most responsible for the decline and fall of The UK. Ded Ed is a Union puppet and you can forget the weasel words trotted out. They pay the dues and call the tune. Every utterance of this Foot reincarnation is controlled by the Union barons. Their agenda is every bit for themselves as is that of  the political pillocks of every hue. Their passion for an EU dominated by them is as salivating a prospect as their swanky homes and hooker dalliances.
As in The USA, the Unions are as corrupt, hypocritical and crooked as any Teamster faction.
As with student protests, so with the sheeple workers, prepared to forgo income and wages to flex the flabby muscles of a dying breed of ghastly thicko Trade Union leaders. Men and the odd token woman leaders, (hides their natural Neanderthal misogyny) , sour and nasty at their loss of Government control.
We need demos, protests and change via peaceful revolution, not factional, selfish and pathetic tribal tantrums. Still, ever onwards and downwards, eh?


  1. My sentiments too, OR. It seems that only the Unions and the SWP can organise huge demonstrations. I read that union bosses have just left a £600 lunch/meeting (via Guido Fawkes I think).