Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Positive Thoughts.

Time For An Upbeat Post.

It is a truly glorious morning here, today. A big day for Mrs OR, next weekend, looks also to be a very promising forecast. The garden is looking so beautiful and it seems to put the messing about by our ridiculous Bilderbergers into comic relief perfectly. The "Big Society" of rural Britain needs no lectures from the little boy in number 10, or his cohorts.
Of all the puny activities of man, nothing puts us more firmly in our place than the wonders of the natural world and its simple purity. The raw honesty of life and death in the animal kingdom and the instinctive acceptance of all those natural laws and hierarchy, make our wasted actions in manipulation and Canute like dreams of control of the Universe, look rather lame and ignorant. Be it God or just eternal nature, who knows but it beats the hell out of humanity other than when it too embraces the laws of natural beauty. Poor indeed is the person unable to be awestruck by a starlit sky, a sunrise or sunset and the scenery around us. Poverty of spirit embraces urban dwelling and self aggrandisement. Seats of vain power reside where nature is momentarily buried under concrete edifices. Buildings all doomed to decay long after those cretins who sought such lives are gone. One day nature really will reclaim this planet. Few human beings will be left to enjoy that success but blessed they will be!


  1. Open day already? The pair of you deserve a medal for your work. Up here things are very slow coming into flower; I'd say about three weeks behind. There's been little real heat for any length of time in the past 6 weeks.

    Good luck Mrs OR.

  2. Thank you so much, Subrosa. You are having a terrible year of weather so far. Looks better next week! It sure does come round quickly, though, as you say.

  3. Brilliant post...quite moving and poetic really. Beautiful pictures of your wonderful garden.

    Here everything was ruined by the incredible winds, sometimes over 100 mph, which lasted for several days starting May 23, bringing down trees and wind burning most plants.

    Everything that grows more than 2 or 3" above the ground looks shabby and careworn, which is disappointing when so much work and money has been expended on it. Last year it was a hale storm which tore leaves to shreds, this year the wind.

    But like all gardeners we struggle on, and hope that it will be better next year... and one year, who knows, maybe it will.

    Anyway, good luck with your open day. The talent, artistic vision and hardwork that goes into your wonderful garden is astounding and must give you, and anyone else who sees it enormous pleasure. It certainly does me.

    Tell Mrs OR I'll be thinking about her on Saturday.

  4. Why, Tris, so very kind indeed!

    "But like all gardeners we struggle on, and hope that it will be better next year... and one year, who knows, maybe it will."
    It will, Tris, it really will. Like all gardeners we not only enjoy the successes but gain optimism from the difficult times. I well remember the Thursday before Mrs OR's first NGS day when the heavens opened and the garden was flattened. The next two days Mrs OR carefully saved what she could, filled ugly gaps and worked noon till dusk. The day itself was terrific, despite that heart rending evening!

  5. That's a cheering thought OR!!