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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Politics Of Fear.

America leads The way, As Ever.

This debate continues the incredible reflection seen by Orwell and so brilliantly encapsulated in his novel and the subsequent film. As the world's population continues to explode one has to look at the future and ask can such a mass of existence survive without a 1984, bordering on 2011, style control? Well, of course it can if people restrict their horizons, nurture their own and ridicule the power crazy. Sadly a massive global conflict will be necessary to create the background for a re-birth of humanity. The normal futuristic fiction has it that it is the Mad Max  post- apocalyptic scenario that will unfold. More "politics of fear". What if it were a benign love in to save the species and a better world, that were to lie ahead? That would take away a very big weapon so beloved of today's ruling elite. That of FEAR!


  1. According to one informed person, the USA has now become a banana republic the way income disparities and wealth have gone and it is getting worse.

  2. Mad Max v Love in? I take it you haven't been out much on a Saturday night then lately?