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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pathetic And Disappointing.

Bordering On Useless.

Heir to Blair indeed. Without the half way decent competence of that PR machine. Not least, the idiots haven't clocked how sick we all are of the "you must love your great though unelected leader" rubbish. Libya makes The Iraq campaign positively justified. This debacle shows what a dysfunctional and somewhat thick creature we have at the helm. When a cry goes up there are rocks ahead he sails on for a closer look. Policy rushed in for the sake of headlines and quick fixes, all, just as with Bliar, with an eye on the next election.
Meanwhile we carry on borrowing like there's no tomorrow, indeed, for many generations that's true.
In just over a year all hope for a decent government have gone. As thick with The EU gangsters as ever. Another UK PM with a dream of Obummer/USA style Office as El Presidente of a gigantic banana republic.
The upshot of this weaklings tenure is panning out as a Snotty Premiership, only marginally better dressed. Do I need to highlight the dreadful last eleven months? NHS disaster, Armed Forces sacrificed to the French and EU will for total dominance. What about the PIGS bailouts? As Athens burns our midget intellect trots around nurturing the very Bilderbergers who seduced Bliar and Snotty into flogging all our labour and hard earned savings to the sharks of international finance.
There are fleeting glimpses of the old right wing common sense mind you. Osborne is doing OK given what and with whom he has to work, likewise Gove, although both men are lumbered with the LibDum Albatross flock. Yet what passes for OK politicians these days is irrelevant if it clashes with the PR spin. Maimed and dreadfully injured, destitute soldiers, regular fatalities in a forgotten, unwinnable war. Well two in fact. As for e "helping the Libyan people"  give me a break. In Bahrain, Syria, The Yemen even the streets of Athens, protests are being forcibly quelled via brutality and killings. 
Of course there are also those lovely times when the PR trips up big time. I'll close with one of the more recent and delicious of them. Watch and weep tears of mirth and tears of frustration over what we have become. Bit of a "Duffy" moment when the boy is waving his folk away. Bit like a rating waving off a stricken carrier landing aircraft! Of course the Sir Humphrey well practised bunch tried quickly to label the Surgeon a nutter. Well give me those sort of nutters any day.  Still, I did vote for David Davies!


  1. Another disaster may be impending.

  2. "When a cry goes up there are rocks ahead he sails on for a closer look."

    So true! The man is an idiot.

  3. I too voted for David Davies,when he lost,I left the not so Tory Party.I never voted for Bliar,not going to vote for his clone.As for the Doc,yes,lets have a lot more of him.He is in charge of the ward,he also takes RESPONSIBILITY for it as well,some thing that the boy should learn.
    Very good posting OR.

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments and the effort to make them. We really need to knit our Blogosphere together. It may be our only hope for change.