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Friday, 10 June 2011

Lies Damned Lies

Are They A Politically Passionate Desire?

In the week Dr David Kelly's cover up becomes ever more blatant we seem unable to challenge successfully the immoral decay that now pervades all our lives. This slob of a disgraceful liar, bully and overall piece of fetid excrement, Balls, has been outed as one of the the true destroyers of our economy and decency, over the years he dwelt in Gordon Brown's dark and rancid passages. Snotty, besotted with the apparent adoration of this "Animal farm " pig of extreme nastiness, will have spent more time plotting Bliar's downfall than checking the cost of our then substantial gold reserves.
Yet let us not get too carried away. We knew or suspected Labour of the utter depravity now proven. Lord Fondleboys, Porn King Cambell, Security Mogul and Corporate killer Reid, Groper Blunkett, Snide Shaw. That's a list of names we know. Don't forget the pathetic Mandarins orchestrating the nastiness symphony for their own ends and EU puppet string dances required to trample their way to the top of the dung heap.
Then there is the present batch of stench ridden old eggs. Busily burying secret Government killing machine data in case they need it for themselves. That or being blackmailed by their own civil servant cabal of mincing despots. Whilst Labour fought their inter-familial wars at our expense, we have the unedifying spectacle of the Cobbleition doing daily deals to drag us all further into their and The EU's cess pit of corruption and control.
Where on this planet do we look to see anything remotely honourable and decent? What is going on with mankind? OK, over population and too many mouths to feed is part of it. Yet, I ask myself, why does this lead to the immorality and drought of decency in our species? Why are we so bloody complacent? This nightmare economic tsunami is down to the very people we KNOW to be useless, cretinous sh*ts but we do nothing. Westminster, The White House, The EU are together the most ghastly and destructive, corrupt organisations, whose evil pervades the institutions they set up. The UN, IMF, even down to the relative minion organisation of FIFA. All of this just chip paper to a compliant MSM.
Behind all of this is a machine of compliant secret service people. Men and women convinced that they know so many secrets but that their role is to support the State regardless. Shame on them. Those brave enough to leak documents, such as Balls's careless leftovers published today, are hunted down. How dare some minion have the courage and bravery to be moral? Nope, that the ruling elite are unashamed, arrogant crooks and liars is not the issue. It is the "betrayal" of their discredited codes that is their priority. That such codes are killing patients, vulnerable kids, pensioners and the weak, that is their priority. Protecting their climate scams and pursuing an Orwellian federal Eu State is the passion. Getting their way is all. Sod you or I and anyone like Dr Kelly, death becomes us, not them.


  1. We are standing on the shore. good is not it?
    Tis frday night you C..m,,,

  2. Noneoftheabove11 June 2011 at 09:07

    Brilliant. Spot on. Bull's eye!

  3. All they have managed to do is confirm, to those of us who are awake enough to see, that Dr David Kelly was indeed murdered by the state spooks to shut him up because he knew too much!