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Friday, 24 June 2011

Is Today Bull Shit Day?

Everything Is Usually Given Its Own day, After All.

Some of my reasons for posing this question this morning;

David Cameron has succeeded in limiting the UK's contribution to the Greek bailout. Its just being re-routed through the IMF, no doubt with a big fat commission, interest rate and strings attached.

It's in The Guardian  so, ergo, qualifies.

The BBC and Libya.  as with The Guardian, since The BBC has rapidly switched allegiances. Read this badly cobbled together pure BS and feel a touch nauseous

The second round of London 2012 Olympic ticket sales has opened for those unsuccessful in the initial ballot with users reporting problems.Organisers say the website is working, despite problems due to high demand.
A worthy contender for today's "day", as part of the whole Olympic BS package.

British Wimbledon trio in spotlight today. As for the Olympics!

Glastonbury festival goers prefer mud to sunshine and blue skies. Really?

A solid classic Obama piece, this.  Needs no embellishment!  More Libyan BS or should this be PC changed to Camel spoor?

Climate crap is a must for any BS feature!  A nice illustration, this.

My final and tenth candidate follows. Do you have a contender to make up a top twenty for bull shit day?

Serena Williams has been backed by the head of the women's tour after complaining about being forced to play on Court Two at Wimbledon. Prima Donna BS from a bull like player!


  1. Old barrack room saying: "BS baffles brains". Once it came in small quantities now there is an unrelenting tsuname of the stuff.

  2. Josh has an lovely cartoon proving the claim of Rising Sea Level is crap:-

  3. Thank you both. A good giggle, Joe!