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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ghoulhish, Ghastly And Utterly Pathetic.

Do They EVER Listen To Themselves?

"The Truman Show, with Jim Carrey, tells the story of our time, about a character who escapes from an environment of media illusions." 

The Pratchett cosy documentary in which we are "treated to " and witness the death of another human being was disgraceful. That such an important part of humanity is traduced and reduced to a TV spectacle by the chatterati I find unbearably offensive. Add to the whole despicable showmanship and self-congratulatory arse clenching, both before and now this morning, after the programme was aired  is just the pits. Its raison d'etre as a piece of "entertainment" is superbly captured in the film drama above. I did not nor would not watch this piece of moral filth masquerading as intellectual debate. It "starred" the inevitable middle-class intelligentsia, in the main, with little thought for the preciousness of life itself. It glossed over the millions who die every day unwillingly and as victims of a harsh world. Pain, despair and mental and physical decay are all around us. What on earth is the need to turn it into an unnecessary piece of popcorn viewing? Ratings, career awards, notoriety and self aggrandaisment coupled with peer worship. All the same motives that litter our media and TV world. This whole unedifying and enormous mistake of a TV presentation was terrible in the extreme. Whatever the argument, the presentation of a voluntary death to a gullible and stupid viewer was wrong. Just wrong and those involved should be forced to hang their heads in shame. Sadly, shame and culpability are not in the chatterati lexicon.


  1. Bloody well said.

  2. Yes, seconded. It's all part of the process of normalisation, of getting the public to accept euthanasia not only as a norm but as a right.

    Did you read the report from Belgium about organs being 'harvested' from those who have elected euthanasia? Some, apparently, didn't. There's also an EU-wide organisation called EuroTransplant, which shouldn't surprise anyone really.

    Lovely music, btw.

  3. Thank you, GV on many counts. As for the control freak prognosis, it gets ever more blatant.