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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Getting Obvious.

As More Cash Is Exchanged.

Don't take my word for it. The Greeks have surrendered to Brussels with barely a shot fired. Sickening. The financial crash of 2007 now becomes a great opportunity for The EU to swallow up countries into their beloved Soviet model. Do not any of these clowns realise that their greed and financial blitzkriegs are doomed to failure? If the mighty Brussels machine believes economic purse string control is all it takes to create this federal nightmare, they are very much mistaken, aren't they? Mind you rumour has it Sarkozy is offering The Libyan rebels EU membership after Qaddafi is removed. 
 Or are the sheeples to stupid to realise? They don't seem to be in The Middle East, Commissioners. In fact, Madrid, Athens and even Germany are beginning to notice that all this cash has to be found from somewhere and it's usually the poor infantry who have to pay whilst the generals enjoy their Château life-styles many miles behind the trenches.


  1. The "finer details" have yet to be agreed for the Greek bailout. That's assuming of course that the Greek people haven't dragged the politicians out and hung them to the nearest lamp post first. The Finns have yet to form a government and have a veto on the bailout too.

    The EU and IMF have already been stoned as they were leaving last week, so the Greeks ain't too thrilled at the prospect of their ancient artifacts going up for sale to the nearest bidder.

  2. It's getting past the nudge stage, Sue.